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QR code issues

(Topic created on: 03-12-2020 03:49 PM)
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I tried to connect my Apple device to my tv using an HDMI cable and the Apple connector. The QR code came up on my tv on the source HDMI2 input that I always used in the past. That had me download EZCAST and after some manipulation, was able to connect and mirror device on tv. Did one time, Now I cannot do this. I have...

1. unplugged my tv, then plugged in and started over

2. Turned off device and started over

3. unplugged cable and started over

4. tried new cables

5 deleted EZCAST from device

in the source list, HDMI2 is never a choice, no matter what I do. That HDMI connection is not recognized.  The bar code does not appear again.

My Samsung tv model is UN40H5003AFXZA
My Apple devices are an iPad mini and an IPad Pro.


I am more than a bit angry that the process to connect has changed, and I want this issue addressed ASAP. Looks like no-one has had success here. WHY???  Fixes?