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QN95A will periodically drop picture/sound for 2-3 seconds on HDMI connection.

(Topic created on: 25-12-2021 09:41 AM)


As said, since I got the QN95A, the HDMI sync will drop picture and sound periodically for 2-3 seconds.

Also called the "blinking" problem. It has been known for many years, since I also had the problem with 

an older Samsung C750 tv, in combination with a Sony HDD recorder. The problem was very frequent back then.

It's not as crazy with my new QN95A tv, but its there. My previous ES8000 tv, didn't do it with my current HDMI tv 


In UK / USA, repair guys has updates the HDMI microcode / driver from the service menu, which has solved the problem for other tv owners of the tv (QN90A... and up). There is a lot about it on the QN95A, topic, where it seems like many people with playStation 5' (HDMI 2.1) has the problem. HDMI cables has been changes, but the problem is not solved, until you update the HDMI interface from the service menu.

Now I'm thinking, if it is possible for Samsung to send out a firmware, that also deals with the HDMI drivers stuff, and update it to the latest version? Its deeper stuff, so it might not be possible?! I wanna hear this from Samsung.

I still have the tv, but have about 1 week return policy, if I want my money back. I probably doesn't return the tv, as I hope Samsung will acknowleg to the problem and customers, and somehow  update the HDMI driver interface?!

I'm not sure it will help anything, to contact Samsung support here in Denmark, as support probably will say...."that we don't know anything about, have you tried another and better 8k HDMI cable, or have you update  the firmware and reset the tv.".  This is probably about it, they probably don't know anything about it.

So, it's hard to get it fixed, get Samsung in talk here. Please Samsung!

I love the tv picture and sound quality, just not the irritating "blinking" problem, which sometimes seems to hunt Samsungs tv's.

To you guys on this forum, do you have any ideas where to go to from here?!