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QN90B 50” - Game Mode not working

(Topic created on: Wednesday)
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Ref:  Latest Samsung 50 inch QN90B 2022 model TV (QE50QN90BATXXU) with 144Hz VRR 4K being used as an external display via a HDMI 2.1 connection link from an AORUS 17X-YD PC gaming laptop with RTX 3080 internal graphics card inside.


The external Samsung 50” QN90B (2022) TV reports and shows the correct 4K resolution at 144Hz when connected to the HDMI 2.1 socket on the RTX 3080 graphics card (laptop).


NVIDIA Control panel on thenPC laptop reports and shows the correct 4K resolution along with the correctly set 144Hz…


However the issue is when putting the 50” QN90B TV setting into “Game Mode” for using VRR, but suddenly the source signal from the RTX 3080 is lost all together and the TV thinks that the computer is off though it is not. Turning of Game Mode on the 50” QN90B TV results in the picture being received again at from the PC laptop at 4K 144Hz, but it is without any VRR (or G-sync).

I had a feeling the TV may have issues being so new from production.


Any solution, or is it a return job?

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Having the same issue. Using the 43QN90B, paired with an RTX 3080.  On initial setup i had 4k/144 with VRR.  It's been a nightmare today! Couldnt get 4k working in pc mode.  Reinstalled everything and now i have 4k/144 but no VRR.  No idea why! so annoying.


I've come from an OLED48C1 which was a dream to use! I wanted smaller and the 144hz sold it to me, but im tempted to send it back.  Pic quality is also miles off the C1.  

How are you getting on now? any fixes to try?