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(Topic created on: 02-01-2022 05:31 PM)
Hello everyone. 
I'll get straight to the point, I bought a 43" QN90A (had it delivered last week). As soon as I unboxed/set the TV up, I did the obligatory protective film removal, around the panel. Luckily the TV was on so and I was very close, so I could spot a dead pixel in the top right corner of the display. It's just that, only one dead pixel. Contacted Samsung support straight away, it was one hell of a ride and long procedure in general, but at the end they agreed to send a technician to have a look. Then the technician contacted me saying they will replace the whole display and if I was sure as the TV is brand new, literally few hours old. I said it wasn't a problem, since if it was a 200£ TV I'd kind of justify that issue. 
Now I'm having second thoughts, should I jump on the RNG roulette again (been reading loads of topics on that matter and honestly I got scared what I might get). 
I'm considering just letting the guy in, checking the TV and then politely refuse the repair. Since I'm still in the 14 days return period, I'm thinking my best option is just to return the TV, get my money back and order a new one? 
What do you guys think, should I gamble with the servicing or should I gamble with getting a "new" TV which might be as bad as, if not worse, or should I just stick with this one (it's literally one dead pixel which is only visible if you're 2cm close to the display and know exactly where it is)?
It's a big dilemma for me, to be honest!

Thanks in advance!