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QN900B - 4K 100hz or higher gaming - Input Signal Plus problems.

(Topic created on: 15-11-2022 09:42 PM)

Hi team…recently purchased the flagship tv. Now running into similar problems as multiple threads from older models trying to connect a pc to any hdmi port (well all but the earc port).

I’ve had the tv recognise and actually get into game mode a handful of times and have seen things running at 100hz and 120hz in 4K and 60hz in 8K. HDR even is selectable at this time  

Unfortunately 99% of the time as I select game mode to unlock the higher frame rates, the tv rejects the handshake and shows a blank screen telling me the hdmi port is unplugged. I turn off game mode and then turn off input signal plus and the tv returns to 4K but limited to 60hz. 

There are multiple threads here suggesting this goes back to the T range and the R and now  the flagship model with the one connect box which I paid a mint for is suffering the same fate. 

- 75 inch tv.

- windows 10 all updated. 

- graphics card updated and also reset from scratch 2 times.

- Used all hdmi ports on my 3080 Aorus master.

- Used all hdmi ports on the tv bar the earc port.

- I’ve reset the tv.

- I’ve tried 3 x hdmi cables new and old and all are 2.1 certified and range form 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres. 

Looking for tips and advice and ultimately a fix. Not keen to have a flagship tv that can’t do its job. 


My q900r is doing the same thing right now and it's November 15th 2022 why is this still a problem smh.


10 minutes later and now it's randomly working again once I cut it off and cut it back on for 10 seconds which didn't work for the last 20 times nor did a complete reset of the whole system by unplugging all the HDMI and power outlets from the theater receiver and TV this is a random thing that happens with input signal Plus and it decides when it wants to start working again all the settings on everything else are still the same before and after it started working again.


...after all time...on and off searching for answers, I stumbled into a fix for me that had been stable all day and the TV playing PC games without any issues at 100 and 120hz. 

​Input Signal Plus is obviously on for the Hz to climb over 60 and Gaming Mode is on for the Sound to work properly...for some reason the sound glitches when game mode is off. 

Here are the setting that I changed to make it happen. 

* Open the NVIDIA Control Panel 

* Click on Adjust desktop size and position

* Select the Override the scaling mode set by games and programs

* Select Perform Scaling on Display

​* I'm using 4K - 3840 x 2160

* Set the Refresh to 100 or 120 Hz


At times the setting here changed, so to get it to stick to 100 Hz for now...I followed the following steps

* Open Display Settings

* Scroll down to Advanced Display Settings

​* Select 100 or 120 Hz in the Refresh Rate section...this seems to hold the setting steady. 


I don't want to celebrate too much, but after multiple PC and TV reboots, this seems to have stuck and it working fine. I can see the framerate in multiple places...finally I can enjoy the TV as intended lol!