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QE82Q800TAT - Blue line of Death on day 1!

(Topic created on: 30-11-2020 12:01 AM)

Fired up the brand spanking 82 inch 8K monster this evening and despite the fantastic picture, my partner spotted a line of dead pixels. Blue on White backgrounds, black on red.

Received this on 2nd November (in advance of Series X!) but been boxed awaiting a team to wall mount professionally. Due to Covid, couldn’t get them here until this weekend and all going swimmingly until we spotted a line of dead pixels.

Being a 3 person lift and mount exercise, you can imagine how frustrated I am, will log with Samsung support tomorrow and expect a hassle free response and repair / replacement.

Only time I’ve ever seen this before was my iPad Pro 2020, which Apple replaced without fuss, let’s hope Samsung provide the same level of customer support as I’ve now resorted to my 65 Sony OLED A1 from 2017 of which I’ve never had a single issue. Very impressed with the TV generally, very dissatisfied having paid £circa 5,000 from Samsung direct, had one failed delivery (resulting in a re-booking of the mounting team 4 weeks later) and that alone has cost me £250 to mount so not a happy bunny 😞 Samsung technicians, over to you.


Blue line of death :-(Blue line of death 😞