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QE75Q900T Horizontal banding

(Topic created on: 07-04-2021 08:52 AM)
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I bought new Samsung 8K television (QE75Q900TSLXXN2 months ago. At first I was very impressed about the picture quality, but after one month I started to notice some horizontal banding. I first thought it was because streaming app quality, but then saw it also in 4k bluray picture. It was noticeable especially in light uniformly colored areas without any movement. Then I contacted Samsung custom service. I reset factory setting and then Samsung repair service reset the tv remotely. Both didn't work. Then service asked picture of the screen with bands and I sent them (picture below). Service then respond and said that these bands exist because of backlights and they are feature not malfunction and so Samsung won't give any service for the TV. They also said that lowering the brightness will help. I have changed brightness and backlight dimming settings and none of these has helped. I told this to Customer service (2 weeks ago) but I didn't got any response. Then I contacted seller and I'm now waiting their response. Time limit for product return has come to end, but I hope I can change the TV. These bands are clearly visible and I think they have got worse (it can be seen also on darker areas). I think TV of this caliber can't have these kind of features. I tested my friends QE65Q82T and couldn't find any bands. I would have change this TV immediately if the banding had occurred in the beginning. Have anybody else had this feature? And can it be repaired?KUVA1_QE75Q900T.jpg