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QE65Q90T Netflix app stuttering audio on Dolby Atmos

(Topic created on: 03-02-2021 06:50 PM)
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Hi. Just purchased a Samsung QE65Q90T. It is connected to a TCL TS9030 Dolby Atmos soundbar. I have 2 separate issues. Firstly when I use the built in Netflix app on the TV, the soundbar shows it is receiving a Dolby Atmos signal however the sound constantly stutters to the point you have to switch it off. If i revert to standard 5.1 Dolby Digital the stuttering stops.

There is a setting in the Sound settings of the TV which says 'Digital Output Audio Format' the choices are PCM, Auto and Pass-through. When you watch using the Netflix app on the TV, pass through is greyed out so you can only choose PCM or Auto. Choosing PCM stops the stutter but the sound reverts to normal 5.1, changing it to Auto enables Dolby Atmos but with this stuttering which I can't figure out why.

To complicate matters, if I play a movie through Sky Q that also is in Dolby Atmos, it stutters when the sound setting is set to 'Auto'. If I change it to 'pass-through' the stuttering stops and Dolby Atmos is fine. However, using Netflix I cannot change it to Pass-Through so i can't stop the stuttering.

Am I missing something here or does this sound like a fault with the Netflix app on the TV as everything is fine when watching via Sky Q.  I think I have ruled out the soundbar being at fault as all is fine when playing through Sky Q, its purely the Netflix app on the TV.

Any help would be really appreciated. PS I have I tried 3 different HDMI cables to rule it out. TV is connected to the soundbar using the ARC connection on the TV and soundbar.


From my limited knowledge, I do know the TV has to be set to 'Pass-Through' for Atmos to function.

Although this may not help you to resolve your issue, nonetheless, its worthwhile mentioning for your information, that until recently when watching a live programme in real time Eg. a football match on BT Sports Ultimate (4K) the sound was fine. However, if you paused the programme, then restarted watching it again, the sound would stutter. Likewise, if you recorded a 'Live' programme on BT Sports Ultimate when you played back the recording the sound would stutter. This only happened on BT Sports Ultimate channel - not on the BT Sports HD channel. This was with Virgin Media.
Eventually, the problem was traced down to the Atmos Dolby signal. Apparently, when BT Sport transmitted a 'Live' programme in 4K, they transmitted Atmos Dolby sound for a better listening experience. 
It took almost 24 months of chasing up Virgin Media to get the matter resolved via their 'Community' blog. Lots of Tivo6 set-top boxes were replaced by Virgin engineers. Some people were even told to replace their TV's!
Eventually, it was discovered to be a technical problem at BT's end which their technical engineers fixed. 
So, maybe, the problem you are experiencing is not with your equipment but with Netflix.
Hope this helps.