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QE55QN95BATXXU - black screen issues

(Topic created on: 08-01-2024 12:24 PM)
First Poster

Hi all,

Apologies if this subject has already been discussed.

I purchased a Samsung QE55QN95BATXXU 55" QLED TV back in October 2023.  

Since I got the TV it appears to have a weird issue where the screen doesn't turn on but I can hear sound coming from the Denon soundbar (connected via eARC).

It mostly seems to be an issue when the TV has been placed in standby for a considerable length of time - mostly overnight.   It's almost like the screen is going into some sort of deep sleep mode.

The issue appears to happen mostly when I use the Smart Things app to remotely turn the screen on via my local LAN.

I noticed that there is 'coil whine'  - a high pitched sound coming from the back of the screen when the TV has been on standby for a long time (overnight).  I'm not sure if this is contributing towards the black screen issue.

The only way to rectify this is to 'long press' the power button on the Samsung remote.   This fix appears to 'wake' the TV back to life.  This solution is not ideal in the long run.

I've already been in touch with the supplier (Richer Sounds) who replaced the TV with the same model but the replacement unit is doing exactly the same thing!  

There is only one significant element to my home network - the TV (as with all of my IoT devices) points to my PiHole server, which acts as my DNS filtering.  I'm not sure if that could be causing the issue?  I've noticed that the Samsung screen sends out a lot of DNS queries.

Troubleshooting so far:

1. Updated both original and replacement screens to latest firmware

2. Replaced all HDMI leads from connected devices to screen

3. Power drained the screen on numerous occassions

4. Had the entire unit replaced from supplier - still have the same issue

5. Looked at power settings - turned off sleep mode etc

The devices I have connected to the TV include (all HDMI connections).  Not sure if one of these devices is causing the issue?

1. Sky Q box

2. Playstation 5

3. Denon soundbar

Has anyone experienced this issue?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.