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QE55QN85AATXXU Home Screen

(Topic created on: 09-11-2021 06:50 PM)
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Having just upgraded to this from a previous Samsung I have just got to say what a pile of garbage unfriendly software this set has. For eg. I am watching TV and want to check the tv guide, so I press the button check the guide then return back to the tv, but wait no I can't I have to double press the back/return button because some clown in their infinite wisdom feels I have to go back via the home screen - why - what on earth is Samsungs infatutaion with this ridiculous ritual on getting back to where you were ? Likewise with the channel list, back via the home screen - why and why did you waste a button with the home on it every button goes back via the home screen?, whoever decided to incorporate this needs a kicking. You have already supplied a home button on the remote and I know where it is and the fact I need to press it should I wish to go there, so why on earth has this totally irritating nuance been added for what reason? In fact there is very little where you can go that doesn't allow you to bypass the home screen to just simply return to where you were. The brightness has a mind of its own and think its knows best, it's about to get returned back to whence it came and won't be stopping off at the home screen.