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QE55Q6F- UHD Colour Issue Detecting Sky Q V2

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I have an intermittent issue where every so often, the TV is unable to detect the sky q box; resulting in a screen which says power on the box.


Switching off UHD Colour means that the box can be detected again. Some

of the time switching UHD Colour back on stays working, other times it fails back to the power on screen.


Possibly a correlation with the order that you turn the box and tv to standby, but don’t think it is consistent.


Most of the time, I am able to watch with UHD Colour switched on and when available with the sky box displaying uhd 10bit. Just takes a bit of messing around every so often - which is frustrating.


anyone else having similar issues?




@NikyWu: According to the user manual an HDMI connection with HDMI UHD Color set to On supports up to UHD 50P/60P 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 input signals. With this in mind it may be worth checking the specs of the Sky Q box to see if a conflict could be occurring. It may also be beneficial to switch HDMI ports, remembering to assign UHD Color to the new port, to see if this helps.
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