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QE55Q60 Issue with Sonos Arc connection

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 11:06 PM)
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I bought a QE55 back in August to use with my Sonos Arc, as I wanted Dolby Atmos. When I set it up, I had an issue with the tv not recognizing the Sonos and repeatedly telling me that it was connected to the wrong HDMI port and to use the eArc port, which I was!

After  2 hours of chat with Samsung, the directed me to Sonos, then after another 2 hours with them, I eventually got it work after changing several tv settings.

I had to move the tv a few weeks ago and guess what? The issue is back again and I cannot get the tv to recognize the Sonos Arc.

I have chatted with Samsung again who told me to go back to Sonos, Sonos told me they had carried out diagnostic checks and the soundbar was working perfectly, but there was an issue with the tv eArc hdmi port not reconizing the soundbar.

The message on screen reads... Receiver (HDMI) Your audio device is connected to a port that does not support ARC. Please connect your device to the HDMI 2 (ARC) port.

This is my set up:

HDMI 1 - BT Tv Box

HDMI 2 (ARC) - Sonos Arc

HDMI 3 - Sony Bravia Blu Ray Player

I have tried rebooting and resetting the tv and setting up from scratch, but no luck. I've also disconnected all devices and reset the tv, then just tried connecting the Sonos to HDMI port 2, but still the same issue. Also tried 3 different HDMI cables.

It appears there is an issue with the HDMI port 2?

Any help  appreciated.


Good luck trying to solve this from what I've read on other threads. I have my Q60A hooked up to my Sony AV Receiver it won't stick using arc. All settings correct sound comes out of TV speakers. In the Sound settings on the TV I switch Audio output from TV speaker to RecieverHDMI it switches over for 10 seconds, the display on the reciever says 5.1 all looks good. Then like I say 10 seconds later TV reverts to TV speakers. I need a setting on the TV to force it to stay on reciever. 

It's driving me and 1000s of others nuts and Samsung have their heads in the sand.

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I have exactly the same problem. Samsung have no solution and don't seem to be interested.