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QE43Q60RAT and Disney +

(Topic created on: 01-12-2020 01:30 PM)
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So we have gone down the route of Disney+.


I have spent a day trying to sort out how to get around the the 'dark' issue with Samsung on messenger. Trying to watch films on Disney+ and they are so dark you cannot see what is happening.


Complete waste of my time. The help line on messenger had me jumping through hoops all of which are dead ends.


We have gone through the steps of 


  1. Software update- to which the TV states we are running the current software. Why will the TV not allow direct download if there is a new one available??? Have to use a USB stick to try install update???
  2. Delete app and re install
  3. endless (seemingly) pointless questions- run around
  4. complete factory reset- pointless as its still the same.

And the issue still remains 'Dark.'

Starting to think this TV/ software is not compatible.

Any workable pointers greatly appreciated. Samsung have none....