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QE32LS03TBKXXU - 32" Frame - Airplay 2


Hi everyone,


Bought a brand new 2020 Frame 32" on Saturday, as referenced above.


Having spent a few hours channeling through the wall and aligning the wall mounts, I am really frustrated that the Airplay is now supposedly not available.


I have spoken to Samsung Support on 2x occassions this afternoon, and on both occassions I have been told the TV does not support Airplay 2!


If this is correct, why are Samsung marketing the TV as supporting Airplay 2? I specifically purchased this due to A) how thin the TV was and B) Airplay 2 compatability.


Webpage that states the TV is Airplay 2 compatible:


Can anyone provide any help?



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Just an app is not doing it justice. 

if you are an avid Apple TV user then this little app makes quite expensive hardware (The Apple TV) absolute. 

So having this app is a 200 Euro saving to me. 

I am quite angry for being cheated by Samsung because this was my main buying criteria.  

"Great, thanks. The Apple TV is just another app, so it’ll be in the App Store."


Just searched for "apple" in the app store on the 32" didn't find anything will try on the 43" tonight.

Absolutely. Buying a TV involves research and you choose the device based on features.

In this case I wanted something with AirPlay 2, Apple TV, Netflix, Prime and a slim profile.

Had I known the first two features were missing, I would have gone for something else.

And to think I cut a channel in the wall for that thick grey cable that they didn’t tell us about too!

So get this - if you try going to , enter the serial number and click Verify, the model QE32LS03TBKXXU is found but with no image. Then if you enter the date of purchase, upload proof of purchase and click Verify, a popup message appears saying 'This is not a valid Model' so you cannot continue. That's a first for me.

Looks like the release of this 32" Frame model is so half baked that Samsung haven't even got round to including it in their own registration system.

I am starting to get the feeling like we are a bunch of early adopters for this model and that the one we actually expected to purchase is going to be out as next year.

In Germany you cant even select (any) 2020 Frame Model, when creating a support ticket. Very odd. 


Off topic: Just out of curiosity: Where are your Frame models made? Ours are made in Hungary. I cant imagine it to be the same for the US-Market. 





Has Samsung categorically stated to you now that their position is the TV will not have AirPlay2?  Their Helpdesk isn't the most reliable.


I'm going to chase up via John Lewis support again later and will let y'all know of any progress. 

So guys, its Friday and I've just come off a *long* Samsung web chat with a support assistant called Edwin. Trying not to get too wound up, amongst all the copy and pasted standard replies I got the following:

Me: [explaining lack of Airplay2 and Apple TV app]
Edwin Samsung: "I understand where you're coming from. However, as per stated we are also waiting for the update about the availability of the application that will be coming from our engineer. We would not like to provide any false information about our products and services that I am providing you the current information available for me to provide you."

Me: "Thank you for that. But if all your promotional material says that its currently available, then why is the update for the engineer needed? Is the advertising wrong?"
Edwin Samsung: In Samsung, we have different teams and department that I am unable to provide you everything that other teams and department process information. However, what I can provide you are what I have in our team which we provide information coming from our engineer who design our TV.

Me: "Do I keep it if Airplay will be in future update or do I return it for another TV?"
Edwin Samsung: "This will be your own discretion what I can be sure of is that our engineer is already looking into this to make it available."

Me: "Well can you escalate it as a high, I'm trying to help Samsung. People are buying the TV and are upset that it doesn't have the functionality because they are seeing it advertised."
Edwin Samsung: "Yes. It is already been escalated to higher team as we speak."

So read into that what you will. At least the Samsung support seem to be past the silly first line troubleshooting and are aware people are peeved. Just need to see whether their engineers can shoehorn the Apple apps into what looks to me to be like a lite version of the Tizen OS. The One Connect box on this 32" not having an ethernet port may make running Airplay2 over WiFi a poor experience anyway. But hey least it would be something.

Oh and I shared the link to this community forum with Edwin so it would just be nice if someone related to Samsung (a moderator maybe?) would step up to the plate and put out a straight yes or no on here to a future software update. Or maybe drop their marketing team a quick note to quietly update their seriously flawed advertising.
Good work. I’ve been queuing for approaching hour now to get through to John Lewis to ask if they’ve had any joy getting through to someone who gives one in Samsung....

Ok, so after an hour waiting to get through to John Lewis, the solution is that I should email the Samsung CEO.


So if consumers and retailers are unable to get a straight answer from Samsung, this is my last throw of the dice.


You really could not make it up.


Incredibly frustrating.


I saw the Frme TV as the market-leading product for the thickness/capability.


The thickness is outstanding, but the capability is completely underwhelming.


Still waiting for Samsung to reply on this thread, or DM, or anyway they prefer...

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