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QE32LS03TBKXXU - 32" Frame - Airplay 2


Hi everyone,


Bought a brand new 2020 Frame 32" on Saturday, as referenced above.


Having spent a few hours channeling through the wall and aligning the wall mounts, I am really frustrated that the Airplay is now supposedly not available.


I have spoken to Samsung Support on 2x occassions this afternoon, and on both occassions I have been told the TV does not support Airplay 2!


If this is correct, why are Samsung marketing the TV as supporting Airplay 2? I specifically purchased this due to A) how thin the TV was and B) Airplay 2 compatability.


Webpage that states the TV is Airplay 2 compatible:


Can anyone provide any help?



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I have the same problem. I've just purchased a 2020 32” Frame TV and it arrived today. I went straight to try streaming over Airplay and set up my Apple TV account but I was disappointed to find both missing . My 2018 50” has Apple Airplay 2 after it received a software update in late 2019 so interested to know if the same be applied soon?


I have been dissapointed also, I bought a 32" Frame 2020 on Saturday. I was hoping to mount the tv on the wall over my fireplace, and when I unpacked the tv it has a chunky grey connection lead instead of the invisible connection lead... The majority of the marketing about the Frame is that it can look like a piece of art with no cables showing. If this is not the case with a product still called Frame, it should be made glaring clear upfront. Now I am having so much problem trying to establish if I can buy a cable separately. 



I am so glad to see that other people have been misled by Samsungs marketing strategy for this TV unit, and that it was not only myself affected. (Sorry to take happiness from our combined disappointment).


I spent a combined time of 84 minutes on the phone to the Samsung "Technical Team" yesterday, to eventually be told that my TV was not supported. I state "Technical Team" in quote marks, as they gave me a distinct impression of being under-trained/unknowledgeable about the products and are just reading from a database of issues. 


I understand there will always be an entry-level model in to a model range, however that does not mean they should bypass the USPs of that model range which they are actively marketing. For example, the Invisible Connection Lead is an absolute must-have for this style of wall-mounted TV.


I beleive Samsung must agree the following to prevent further unhappy customers:

1. Provide the Invisible Connection Lead, as per the marketing

2. Update the Firmware to include Airplay 2 and Android Cast, as per the marketing


If they do not or cannot do the above, then affected customers should be compensated with a replacement product that meets the original marketing by Samsung and therefore the expectations of the customer.


Can a Samsung representative read, understand and reply to this...??


I also bought this TV, I have spent over 4 hours, on 3 different support chats with Samsung 'technical' support... On the first chat I was told that the tv should have Airplay  and AppleTV+ App and that the TV must be faulty and to return it to John Lewis. John Lewis accepted the return and supplied a 2nd TV, with the same issues. On the 2nd Chat with Samsung they again informed me that AppleTV and Airplay and that they have passed this onto Technical Support specialist and they would call me back within 3 days... 5 days later no call, so on the 3rd chat they asked if I could wait another 2 days for them to call me back... that was almost 2 weeks ago and they've still not replied... SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SUPPORT is APPALLING. Will not buy again.


Same problem, brand new 2020 32 Frame TV and no Apple TV app despite it being listed as available. 


Samsung need to address this as urgently as possible.


I have taken several screen shots from their website and copied some URLs that falsely advertise this TV.


Could this be misleading advertising and raised with Advertising Standards Agency?


The same questions are being asked on the US Samsung community about this tv. It's clearly advertised as having Apple TV and airplay.


Not good, Darry. Customer Services told me that they sold different specification TVs in the US and UK. Whilst possible, I said it was very unlikely - it would appear to be true!


Can you paste a link to the conversation in the US?


One is PAL the other NTSC, and voltage différences, but the rest should be the same.

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