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QE32LS03TBKXXU - 32" Frame - Airplay 2


Hi everyone,


Bought a brand new 2020 Frame 32" on Saturday, as referenced above.


Having spent a few hours channeling through the wall and aligning the wall mounts, I am really frustrated that the Airplay is now supposedly not available.


I have spoken to Samsung Support on 2x occassions this afternoon, and on both occassions I have been told the TV does not support Airplay 2!


If this is correct, why are Samsung marketing the TV as supporting Airplay 2? I specifically purchased this due to A) how thin the TV was and B) Airplay 2 compatability.


Webpage that states the TV is Airplay 2 compatible:


Can anyone provide any help?



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Taking the lead from Paul & Elliott I contacted the President's office regarding the motion sensor... unfortunately it is the worst case scenario unlike software fixes. They have confirmed the 32" does NOT have the motion sensor and sent me a screen shot and link to a UK page that says this in the small print. I've naturally questioned why many other locations, let alone the product PDF either say it does have it or do not explicitly say it does not have it. This is a deal breaker in many ways for me - more so without a timer to turn it on. I particularly don't see the point in having to turn it on every time 😞




AppleTV app and Apple Music App now available! Finally! :smiling-face: 


Great success!


Disappointing news on the motion sensor.


I now have the 2 key features I needed from a few months ago and all it took with about 10 hours of phone calls, emails and shouting out of the window.


Cheers, all.


so to confirm AirPlay2 and AppleTV now both work for the Frame 32? Do they work if the TV is in portrait (vertical) mode?

Yes airplay2 and Appletv both now work. Can’t confirm portrait mode as my tv is fixed to wal in landscape.


Does someone tried to pair the tv with Philips hue or Samsung SmartThings motion sensor? 

Does anyone have issues using the smart view ...mira cast from Samsung phone to the frame 32"?
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I SO appreciate you all bringing this up.... I as well bought a (very almost offensively expensive) 32 inch "smart" TV - the frame - and naturally expected it to have airplay and apple TV as the larger frames do... and as it's marketed. I *too* spent way too much time on the phone with support saying "no, sorry, it's not here" ... and "nope, still not there" ... and I *too* was promised it was coming in an update. I fear, however, this is nearly almost impossible to be true, as I'm sure it's as much a hardware thing that would enable airplay as it is a software. Which meansss, we may all be stuck with $600+ dollar 32" "smart" tv's that don't in fact have apple TV or AirPlay as they are marketed. Hmmmmm..... Samsung! You out there?? Can you hear us!?? CAN YOU PLEASE RESPOND?

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So I set up my 32" yesterday (US 11/14/2020) and was looking for Airplay as well. I was able to add the AppleTv app and got that working. A little frustrated with PRIME as for some reason it asks me to login through my phone with codes each time I go to that app.

You would think if they have the AppleTv app that they would have Airplay as well. But being a hardware designer, if the TV does not have the Made for IOS (MFI) authentication chip inside then Airplay will never be enabled by a software update.

I guess it means getting an AppleTV and an HDMI cable.



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