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QE32LS03TBKXXU - 32" Frame - Airplay 2


Hi everyone,


Bought a brand new 2020 Frame 32" on Saturday, as referenced above.


Having spent a few hours channeling through the wall and aligning the wall mounts, I am really frustrated that the Airplay is now supposedly not available.


I have spoken to Samsung Support on 2x occassions this afternoon, and on both occassions I have been told the TV does not support Airplay 2!


If this is correct, why are Samsung marketing the TV as supporting Airplay 2? I specifically purchased this due to A) how thin the TV was and B) Airplay 2 compatability.


Webpage that states the TV is Airplay 2 compatible:


Can anyone provide any help?



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Would buying a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick in the mean time not solve the problem if only temporarily? The thing thats putting me off more is that it doesn't have a motion sensor to turn on Art mode. Therefore what are you supposed to do? leave it on 24/7?

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Did anyone tried to connect a 43" connect box instead ? Is it possible ?


I am trying to escalate the issue to the french management team but the support is extremely slow and inefficient. It's a shame no one from samsung ever replied to this thread. 


Any updates from the Presidents Office?


I’ve chased the President’s Office again. We just need some basic expectation management here. Customer service 101.

Truly terrible Paul.


I know people laugh and joke about the expense of Apple products, however I type all of my replies on a 2013 laptop I have had since new, and it still performs perfectly. When buying a high-end Samsung product (£600 for a 32" 1080p TV is definitely at the top end of the market!), you expect certain standards to be met. Even the Samsung customer service is a shambles...


My TV is getting a regular flickering now. Its like the outer edges of the TV start making shadows for the picture. Its really weird. The only way to solve it is to turn the TV off and on again, really annoying when your mid-episode on Masterchef.


The flickering seems to happen on every app I use, so obviously a TV setting that is causing it...


I’ve been told by Richar sounds customer service that Samsung haven’t pay the license fee for that model, the same thing happening with 2020 LG tv which don’t have bbc iplayer and the rest of the uk streaming services as they haven’t pay the license fee. 


Exactly what I was thinking. This sensor is not more the few £ for them to make it, why the hell they choose not put it on the tv! It pointless without it!!!



Still nothing more than we’ll let you know when we know, from the President’s office. Still, at least they don’t ignore me!

interesting angle from RS on the licensing. I’ll throw that one back in and see if they deny it.


Cheers, all.


Morning Guys, want some good news? Have a look on your TV under General settings menu, or.... trying searching for it under the Apple TV menu on your Mac or iPhone - Airplay has been applied! 😀


Went to switch on my TV this morning and it wouldn't come on from black. Switched it off from the mains, it booted up and for some reason went into the menu and saw the Settings option (see below). Samsung must have remote enabled the feature overnight as the software version is still 1302 from earlier in the month.


Here's some photos of it working with my Macbook. Can't believe it. Strangely, checked in the App list and it doesn't look like the AppleTV is available yet but I can wait for that. 


think our emails to the head office folk paid off. I'm happy and kudos to Samsung for stepping up and actually delivering.


Cheers everyone!






Is the (lack of) motion sensor confirmed then? I have the PDF of the 32" product sheet and it clearly lists it there as a capability 😕

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