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QE32LS03TBKXXU - 32" Frame - Airplay 2


Hi everyone,


Bought a brand new 2020 Frame 32" on Saturday, as referenced above.


Having spent a few hours channeling through the wall and aligning the wall mounts, I am really frustrated that the Airplay is now supposedly not available.


I have spoken to Samsung Support on 2x occassions this afternoon, and on both occassions I have been told the TV does not support Airplay 2!


If this is correct, why are Samsung marketing the TV as supporting Airplay 2? I specifically purchased this due to A) how thin the TV was and B) Airplay 2 compatability.


Webpage that states the TV is Airplay 2 compatible:


Can anyone provide any help?



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Having been led down the garden path by telephone support over 3 long calls spanning a month and still waiting for a call back within 24 hours that was several days ago, I moved on to raising it with Samsung UK Twitter, who were publicly falling over themselves to help me until they moved the dialogue into direct messaging where after I confirmed my name, address, ticket number etc. they have now completely  ignored me for almost 48 hours, despite me chasing every couple of hours.


So yesterday I reached out to John Lewis, whose Tech Support were really helpful and completely understood the problem with misrepresenting the features of the product.  Over the course of 2 hours, they spoke to various departments in Samsung and got absolutely nowhere. 


So they too now have a ticket open, have asked me to be patient whilst they refer to their management team for further instruction. 


Samsung has been truly appalling in this matter.  It seems nobody is accountable which suggests a very poor corporate culture.


I'm not dropping this. The required resolution is a panel that provides both AirPlay 2 and Apple TV. Whether it's firmware on this unit or a the nearest matching compatible device, which is the 43" unit.

I got the same problem over here... in Europe. 


Just purchased the 32 inch Frame. I actually was aware that the 32 model does NOT have the thin cable and no motion sensor. If you dig deep into the details it is actually specified. 


BUT: The promotion for this product clearly states the Airplay functionality. 


I am shocked and appalled that Samsung just invents features that are not there, ships the product without these features and nobody at Samsung support is even aware of it. How is that possible?!? 


I have to admit, that I will hold on to the TV even if Airplay is never enabled, but I feel cheated and disgusted. 




Just to add a bit more to the fire on this, I ordered the 32" after being impressed with the 43" 2019 model. I was careful to check that it also supported AirPlay, which people have  pointed out it claims to.


Although just looking as I type this it says:
"Mirror content from your smartphone or tablet via SmartThings, or pair with your Apple devices to project via AirPlay 2.*


I have both TVs connected to the same Wifi networks and my phone always seems the 43" but never the 32". I know it's connected correctly as I can use the YouTube app to "mirror" things but this doesn't use AirPlay. I can see the TV in the Smart Things app, etc. etc. Yes, I have the latest Firmware version that came out a few weeks ago, 1301.5.


This is pretty awful from Samsung, IIUC Airplay requires a chip bought/licensed from Apple to function. So either the chip is in there and it can be enabled with a firmware or it's not and it will simply never work.


For what it's worth I'm in the US.

I find the lack of the Android Cast another frustration. If Airplay was in place, I probably wouldnt have noticed about the Andorid cast missing feature...


Another issue I find is screen flickering. Every day or two, the screen provides a flickering across the whole of the screen. Its as if it doesnt know which brightness setting to apply, so contantly changes every 0.2 second or so, leading to a flickering effect. If I move to protrait mode then back to the App I was using, it usually solves it. One or two occassions have required a full turn off/turn on to reset the TV.





Also, interesting to see UK, Europe and US all noticing defects - so when Samsung Support told me that the US webpage was for the US Market only, it would appear that it too was factually incorrect.

Yep I've had that flickering once last week when it was put it into portrait mode. Went away when switched App/TV mode but returned when back in standby. Also took an on/off flick from the mains to make it permanently go away. Will see if it happens again...but its not just you! (As if the Airplay2 problem wasn't bad enough.)

Ha, fun this isn't it... I too have had the flicking once whilst in the settings for Art Mode, switching to TV and back again resolved it.


Regarding there being "no motion sensor", I have the PDF of the product guide for the 32" Frame and it clearly states the motion sensor as a feature! 😞 This to me if even more annoying than Airplay as Art Mode was the specific reason I bought this.


If there was a timer or something so you could set it to be on at certain times that would be a semi fix. Still wastes energy though.


Probably overkill to have a "TV" purely to display Art but it's the subscription to Art Mode across the other devices that is key and I don't believe other manufacturers (Lenovo have an "art display") have access to it.


If I get really nit picky, my "flagship" 2018 QLED doesn't appear to be able to connect to my Art Mode subscription either... its the little things that build brand loyalty...

Hey, the * is interesting covering of their position in the US.

Did the latest firmware update deliver Apple TV app and/or Google Assistant or are these still missing?

Yes the * certainly seems like a CYA position, although it may mean that the chip is indeed in the box which is good news.


I don't have an apple TV but I can check if I can find the app when I search, not sure how to look for the Google Assistant, I disable all voice features so don't know my way around the settings on either TV but happy to look for you.

Great, thanks. The Apple TV is just another app, so it’ll be in the App Store.

Interested to see what new functionality the 1301.5 delivered for you guys.
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