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Q9FN TV - Small black circles and motion handling

(Topic created on: 06-08-2019 10:17 AM)
First Poster

Hi All


I bought a Q9FN back in December 2018 and things were fine up until about a month ago. I now have the following two issues:


1. I have noticed that I occasionally get a 'grid' or small black circles in the middle of the screen which last for about half a second and then disappear. The grid is approx 4 cicles (length) by 3 circles (height), but I could be wrong as they come and go quite quickly. I have my TV connected to Sky and if I reverse the content I cannot see the circles the second time. The circles appear of different channels and at different times, there is no way that I can repeat them so can't take a photo.  I have performed the self diognosis and nothing has shown up. 


2. Sometimes when watching TV I have noticed that the picture 'slows' down / stutters for a second but then goes back to normal. I mostly notice this on sports but have also noticed it on non-sports content. It is really annoying. I have tried to change the motion settings but have had no luck. 


Has anyone else had these problems, especially no.1? Since I am under warranty I am thinking about calling the shop I bought it from (a large national retailer) and telling them about the issues and asking for them to fix / replace the TV. The problem is I can't replicate the problems so it's difficult to prove they happen.

I also bought the Samsung HW-N950 soundbar and can confirm it is absolutely brilliant.