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Q9FN random reboot

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Hi, new to the forum.


My 4 month old 2018 Q9FN has started doing quick random reboots the last few days. It suddenly qoes black, displays the Samsung logo and then is back to the same input - takes about 3-4 seconds.  So far it has only done so while using my Xbox One X (which is annoying), but at random times - 1 time each evening. I've reattached all HDMI cables and the One Connect cable, and setup all inputs from scratch. I have not done a full reset yet, although I guess that's the next step. I'm on the latest firmware.


Anyone experienced the same? Is this the fist sign of a faulty One connect box?

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Exact same issue here. Same TV. Also primarily, if not exclusively, when playing xbox one x. It seems to have started since the last TV firmware update. I wonder if maybe its the console and not the TV?

Interesting... It started after the last firmware update for me too. Since I originally posted this, I've done a full reset of the One Connect box, and I also turned off the variable refresh rate/Freesync option - figured perhaps that might be the culprit, since it only happened with the Xbox One X so far. I haven't used the Xbox extensively after the reset, but so far I haven't had any reboots, so fingers crossed...

Same Here... Q6FN and xbox one vanilla....

Hi All


I have 55Q6FN and Xbox One X and I have exactly the same issue (Reboot, Samsung logo,remote control sensor led blinking and "samsung account is connected".

I'm checking with Freesync DISABLED and and it seems to be no problem so I think the problem is freesynch.

But this is very big issue, because with this panel some games (example Fifa 19) suck without freesync, trails on screen everywhere...

I have 12.51 firmware, I have not updated to the latest version 1260.8 because I read that it really sucks.

Has anyone tried the version 1260.8?




Is not One Connect cable issue, Q6FN don't have the One Connect cable, all is direct at tv.


Samsung support where are you?!?!

This is a big problem, you have to solve !! Affect several models, not one!

Samsung support where are you?!?!

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Having the same problem with my 1 month old Q6FN. Driving me crazy

I was running into the same problem on my Q9FN.  It would only do it during 4k content, like playing Xbox One X or streaming 4k content.  I could run my TV all day with regular content and it wouldn't do it.  However after 2 to 3 hours of 4k content it would reboot.  I also noticed that my One Connect box would get really hot.  I hypothesized that the box would get so hot that the system would shutdown to protects itself.  There's no active cooling in the one connect box and the heat could not expel fast enough and would just build up till it caused the system to restart to cool itself off.   My solution was to  buy an external fan to put on top the the One Connect box pushing air down on the box.  While it doesn't dirctly cool the CPU, the box will now disapate the heat faster then it can build up.   After I did this I have not experienced any reboots even with marathon Xbox one X gameplay sessions and binge watching 4k content.  The one connect box is only slightly warm now on the low fan setting. There is no audible noise from the fan on the low fan setting.  You could run the fan at a higher fan speed if you wanted to keep the box cooler but low works perfect from my experience.  I got the fan on Amazon, it has 3 fan speeds and plugs directly into the USB of the One Connnect.   Here is the link to the fan.  Well built and has rubber feet so stays in place.

It's only $11 so it wouldn't hurt to give his a try.  It worked for me.

I'm sure Samsung is aware of this issue, but for cost measures have decided not to include an internal fan to help with cooling.  If you noticed with high end 4k/ or ultrawide HDR PC monitors they have internal fans to help with the cooling.  


Update on my solution.  My TV did randomly reboot again this morning while playing Xbox.  It was about 3 hours into a play session. Although the reboot was much faster.  I would say I was back up in less then 5 seconds after it shutdown.   It was the first time it did it in two weeks.  Where as previously every night I would play Xbox or watch 4k content I would get a reboot.  Plus the reboot would take much longer.  Around 20 seconds or so.  So I would say the fan definitely helps, but there is obviously some sort of design flaw 

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Same issue for me with Q6FN and Xbox One X. Reboots while I'm playing.

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