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Q9FN not remembering receiver as external audio

(Topic created on: 19-02-2020 08:18 PM)
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I've set my Q9FN to use my receiver (ARC via HDMI) as its external audio device. However, after switching the TV off, it'll  default back to "TV Speakers" and I have to go into the settings to set the audio back to "Receiver".


This only happens when the TV was last set to Receiver as its source. Everything seems to work fine in both directions, audio-wise, but after switching the TV off, it's back to the dreaded "TV Speakers". And the Q9FN has no option to disable them.


What I _think_ is happening is that the TV assumes the receiver is not available for ARC, because it remembers it as an active audio source. Fair enough, but why not just leave external audio settings the way I explicitly set them and switch ARC on for Smart TV apps or Live TV? My receiver happily plays along with any commands the TV sends, there's never a reason to use the built-in speakers.


Is there some way to file a bug report (please fix this unwanted behavior) or feature request (let us disable TV Speakers altogether) directly with Samsung?



First Poster

I have the exact same issue with my yamaha reciver. It is truly anoying