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Q95T bricked?

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Got my new 65”Q95T yesterday.

hooked it up and did the initial setup.

Then went straight to update to latest firmware, after downloading the update the tv went black, and when trying to get it started it only shows the startup QLED logo for 2 sec then goes black again.


I have done everything i can think of, no power connected, checked one connect cable etc.

When turning on the tv (both remote and sidepanel), it shows the QLED logo for 2 secs, the go black for maybe 2 min and then logo again. Endless loop...


im now awaiting a technican to come and confirm the issue so i can get a new one.

looking around the internet i cant find anyone else with this issue

just returned it for a replacement if you have just purchased it. 1st 28 days is replacement or refund without any reason under consumer protection
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