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Having recently received the Q90R update thats supposed to enable EARC, im still unable to make use of it because the TV doesnt have the capability.


Maybe i am doing something wrong but the TV cannot even pass through 5.1 from a device connected to the One Connect box.


Ive read online that other brand TVs are now able to enjoy this feature when connected to a Samsung soundbar.


Well mine is now wall mounted and I am very happy with the purchse, great image quality. 

However my Sonos Arc should arrive within a week and I will start to be disappointed if I cannot get the best from it.  I am sure the update is still coming but the silence is quite deafening.


Well the 1361 update doesnt contain it, sadly im losing faith itll be coming this month


I have now had this tv about  9 months. I honestly don't think we will be getting the EARC update. I brought the q950r and q90r sound bar thinking I would have no issues buying equipment from the same company and how wrong was I. I've had engineer after engineer trying to sort the lip sync issues that they are unable to fix. 
now I have sky connected into my soundbar then my tv to stop the lip sync now I end up power cycling all parts of the equipment to get a picture after powering on the tv. The tv couldn't even turn on the soundbar without me setting up logic in SmartThings. 
I will never buy a Samsung product again after how I and many others have been treated. 


Quote "I will never buy a Samsung product again after how I and many others have been treated. "  If I had £1 for every time I have heard this, I'd be a rich man.  I've had my QE75Q950RBT now for just over 1 week and am delighted with it.  That isn't to say I have zero issues, I too have a lip sync issue when viewing Sky channels but I will persevere and somehow sort.


In the meantime what I'd like to know is why an awful lot of people want eARC  - why is it needed?  I'd like to know in what situation it's needed please.  Cheers


ps  My former set was a UE65KS9500


EARC gives the ability to pass full resolution sound back and forth between the TV and soundbar so you could connect an Xbox, as and example, into the OneConnect box and itll be able to pass through surround, Atmos, etc.

Given that the Q90R sounbar only has 2 free hdmi ports, if you have more devices than that you're left having to cable swap to get full functionality.



Im happy for you that you like watching the lips out of sync on your flag ship tv. 
you shouldn't have to find a way around this issue. Samsung should sort the issue. 
I have had Samsung engineers out to firstly  look at my tv then a second time to install 1359 software. The engineer told me this wouldn't fix the issue and that they wouldn't be able to change the sync issue without changing hardware and that's never going to happen. they then blamed the soundbar that is also Samsung, after sending this away twice I tried to get a refund but John Lewis. They say Samsung say they don't have an issue with lip sync so they are unable to refund me as I'm out of the 30 days. I have always had Sony tv's and never had issues.  I owned a Samsung laptop many years ago that wasn't a good product. I purchased the tv, sound bar a washer , dryer and fridge freezer all together as they had 5 years warranty. 
when I say I won't purchase another Samsung product I mean it. Once bitten and all that!! 


I love both the TV and soundbar, I find it strange id have more functionality if i had an LG or Sony TV connected to the Samsung soundbar rather than the flagship TV released alongside it. 


Ive just been reading through a translated post here, apparently a Community Manager has questioned why its not been included in the update.


My belief re lip sync is that it's Sky.  I had this on my KS but resolved it through a combination of sound settings and sound delay settings on both the TV and the Sky Q box.  Still don't understand the need for EARC, unless it's for Gaming maybe as Dolby Atmos is a compressed format of Dolby True and can easily be transported via Arc - as I understand it, eARC is for uncompressed sound aka Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master, which no broadcaster transmits due to bandwidth considerations


I get lip sync issues on any equipment plugged into the tv before the soundbar. If I connect directly to the soundbar it's fine. 
UHD players would make use of earc. 


@shaunevo  - ahh, I think I'm getting it, thank you.  My UHD Bluray Player has two HDMI ports as does my Network Media Player.  Can I assume therefore that if the equipment has only one HDMI port, and you want uncompressed sound, then connecting to the eARC port on the One Connect box could pass through the signal to the Receiver? and vanilla ARC would only pass through compressed sounds?

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