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Q90T + Sonos Arc + PS5 - All issues now resolved?

(Topic created on: 09-11-2021 04:12 PM)
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Hi everyone, apologies I've looked and think I know the answer but would like to confirm given there have been firmware updates to the Q90T, the Arc and PS5 since initial compatibility issues were noted by individuals last year. I have a 65" Q90T and am considering purchasing the Sonos Arc (to plug into the eARC Slot 3) with my PS5 in the HDMI Gaming (Slot 4.)


Are there any hardware / software discrepancies these days with this configuration if using the appropriate cables? Furthermore, if not using the PS5, but streaming Atmos Audio off of the TV via HBOMax (for example) will I have any issues with the Sonos Arc plugged into the eARC? 


Thank you in advance!


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I have a Samsung Frame 2021. Actually having issues with ps5 plugged in port 4 for consoles. What a shame from that company "Samsung" not even capable to make work the number 1 console in the world on a hdmi port with a gamepad logo on it. SHAME.

What is happening is simple : you will sometime end in a "please check hdmi cable" error on screen. Ps5 is powered on. Hdmi cable is new. Xou shutdown ps5, same error. You shutdown the frame, work again. Shutdown all systems at night, at morning "please check hdmi cable" ok ok ok ok

What I discovered by myself, and not with the help of samsung support, SURELY NOT, if you disable HDCP in ps5 the issues will still happens but only if you put Art mode and then PS5 goes sleeping when this mode is on. Then, if you want to make it work again without waking up to shutdown this f****d up TV, you have to disable game mode AND HDMI extend on the port 4 on the Frame, then you get the ps5 image back.... BUT WITHOUT HDR or 120hz !!! If you enable back hdmi extend mode, BOOM "please check hdmi.....F**K YOU SAMSUNG

Then you have to reboot ps5 and TV the get back HDR on it.


Now im trying to never put ps5 with CEC or with time in sleep mode, I shutdown it.

Then I wanted to try a Beosound Stage. 1300$ soundbar. 3000$ TV. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !!!!!!!!! NEVER !!!!!!!! IT DOES NOT WORK WITH eARC !!!!!!!!! Beosound Stage go to sleep every 1 minute. So will the Sonos Arc. Samsung The Frame is a joke, I want to throw this sh*t out of my window !!!!!!!

Never Samsung again !!!!!!!!! NEVER