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Q90T/Q95T : Purple Ghosting (even with firmware 1403.1)


Hey everyone...

So I have a question about Inverse Ghosting on my 55Q90T while playing on a PS4 Pro and a PS3 (I don't have a PC or a Xbox to test another hardware).
Since update 1304 (and after a factory reset) :

  • no more inverse ghosting on Game Mode (Game Motion Plus OFF), but the picture quality is not what I expect from that TV (light color banding, very bad local dimming and weird dirty screen effects)
  • inverse ghosting on Game Mode (Game Motion Plus ON), but some of the worse consequences of Game Mode are less evident
  • inverse ghosting present in any other picture mode outside Game Mode (Standard/Movie/Filmmaker), but of course with a lot better picture quality all around.

So, my thing is I'm not strict about response time. Unless I'm playing a competitive online shooter or fighter, I don't really notice the difference. So I would like to enjoy the better picture quality of the picture modes outside Game Mode, but the inverse ghosting (especially in dark games or during night time in open world games) is unbearable.


What is worrying me is that as far as I know most people don't have any inverse ghosting issue after the 1304 patch.
Just to be clear, my "ghosting" looks like a purple silhouette that appears in front of dark objects on light(er) backgrounds when camera panning.


I thought maybe my panel was faulty, but then why would it go away with the patch in Game Mode? Also, the weird thing is that, sometimes, while tinkering with the settings, the ghosting goes away for just a little bit, and then comes back for whatever reason (without me changing anything).

Some games that will immediately show me inverse ghosting :

  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey (HDR) : go to a temple by night an camera pan looking at the columns
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (HDR) : by night, look at the trees
  • Ashen : inside a dark cave, look at stone columns
  • Watch_Dogs 2 : by night, look at the trees in a park
  • Dark Souls Remastered : first bonfire in Undead Burg, stand next the bonfire and look at the exit
  • Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare  : asteroids in space missions

Thanks for anyone who can help, I'm at a loss here!



When the tv is put in Greyscale (in the Accessibility menu), the purple ghosting is still there!!!!


UPDATE 2 : after firmware 1402.6

So after a long back and forth and some remote control of my tv, a Samsung tech told me that it was caused by a HDMI connectivity problem.
Doubtful, I tested the theory by watching a gameplay video I uploaded to YT, once on my PC connected by HDMI, and another directly from the TV's app.
Results :

  • ghosting on PC
  • no ghosting on the app

Which would tend to prove the theory true...

The tech then told me another update was in development to solve HDMI problems (ghosting and flickering being the main ones apparently) on Qled 2020 models, but wouldn't (of course) give me any kind of date.

Now please take all this with a lot of salt, this is just one person on the WhatsApp customer service of Samsung, I have no way of knowing if he was talking out of his ass or being genuine. I can only confirm the test (HDMI/not HDMI) worked even when I tried it again later.


Here is the link to the video I used to do the test (look at the archway/door at the entrance of the building) :



Where in the video are you best looking for the ghosting issue?


Just at the beginning, look at the archway at the entrance of the building. For me, on PC or PS4, there is a full blown purple ghosting from side to side.

You can also see it after that when looking at the central pillar.


75" Q95T on 1402.7, I can confirm horrible Inverse Ghosting kicks in when Game Motion is ENABLED.  Ghosting is negligible when DISABLED.  This is the opposite of what others have previously experienced with older firmware.

Seemingly they played around with overdrive improving basic Game Mode, but screwing Game Motion in the process. I'm a fan of the 60->120fps, now it is a detriment.

For sakes of testing, I'm on PS4 Pro.


Relevant TV Setttings

  • TV in 4k HDR
  • Local Dimming High
  • Contrast enchancer off
  • Game Motion enabled - any setting



  • COD Modern Warfare
  • Custom multiplayer Game
  • Map St Petrograd (color scheme shows lots of purple inverse ghosting)

Further testing reveals above ghosting is only present with HDR enabled, this includes in Movie mode while gaming.  Disabling HDR and playing in SDR and ghosting is not a problem under any condition.   60fps gaming in SDR with Game Motion and Blur Reduction set to 10 produces remarkable clarity, with HDR the image turns to a blurry soup as inverse ghosting destroys detail in motion. 

Getting tired of these shambles, couple more days of viewing and it's going back.


Correction to the above - SDR most certainly still present the inverse ghosting.  Did not test it thoroughly.  My COD Modern Warfare ST Petrograd stress test brings it all out. 


Hi there.


I saw on another thread that your returned your tv. Did you manage to get any answer relative to that purple ghosting/smearing from Samsung before deciding to return it?


When you experience ghosting / purple smearing etc, please check if VRR is enabled (when you click the Info or middle button on the remote you get the source and the resolution and refresh rate).

I'm saying this because I only get ghosting when VRR kicks in (for example when I enable Gsync on my gaming PC).

At a fixed 60fps or 120fps, I get no ghosting at all with Game Mode enabled (Game Motion Plus OFF).


I play onPS3 and PS4, so VRR is out of the equation (only available on PC and Xbox for now, we'll see when my PS5 comes).


As for Game Mode (GMP off), I have no ghosting at all, but between the bad dse, moving scanlines and terrible dimming, very few games are enjoyable that way.


Any other mode (Standard/Movie/Filmmaker and Game Mode GMP on) and the purple ghosting comes back.


I think I've managed to bring it to something more bearable (at least for now, but it has had ups and downs before, so I can't be sure) by switching off eArc. I have an old-ish Samsung soundbar that only support Arc and not eArc, but I had put the setting to auto. Since the Samsung Tech told me that the problem was coming from bad HDMI connectivity, I tried lowering the load on HDMI ports of the tv. Now don't take it as a solution, as I said, I've had periods of time before (sometimes even 2-3 days) without any ghosting whatsoever, and then it came back with a vengeance without me changing any settings, so I can't very well say what the problem is.

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