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Q90R Audio dropouts when switching to HDMI from the TV tuner.

(Topic created on: 14-12-2019 05:40 PM)

Hi all, hope you can help.

I'm experiencing unstable audio when switching from the TV tuner to any of the HDMI channels.

If the TV automatically turns on to a HDMI channel without going to free view first, from for example a console, then the audio is fine, but once I switch to freeview tv and back again to HDMI, the audio begins to randomly skip. This can be made worse by increasing or decreasing the volume, every incremental change will produce once skip.

Internal apps like Netflix work fine.


The only way to get stable HDMI audio again is to pull the TV coax aerial cable out from the back of the one connect box.


The signal strength is good with a clean and stable image, multiple aerials, distribution amps and cables have been tried, all other TVs in the house work fine. I've also tried various v2 and v1.4 HDMI devices and the problem is consistent, but this really can't be a HDMI signal fault because everything works flawlessly until the TV tuner turns on.


I've already returned one TV for this the problem and the replacement is suffering from exactly the same problem.

Am I doing something stupid?


First Poster

I have the same problem with my 65q90r when switching source from Sky TV to Firestick or vice versa. I lose sound on the source that I switch to and need to unplug the one connect cable to get the sound back. It used to work fine and has only been occurring in the past year or so but it’s really frustrating.