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Q900TS 85 inch and Dolby Atmos

(Topic created on: 20-07-2020 10:01 PM)
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Simple Question: does the ARC on the Q900TS 8K support Dolby Atmos? If not, does the Optical on the same TV support Dolby Atmos? 


More complicated Question: I am using a full 7.1 speaker set up to get the best possible sound for movies, etc. i do not want to manage everything from the AVR, i.e. i don't want to run an HDMI into the AVR for cable, Apple TV, etc. - too cumbersome to switch to various streaming inputs and don't want to use a Universal remote as i need 3 in the same room. Instead, i want to be able to switch to Netflix, Prime, Vudu, etc. from the Samsung Remote and have it send out Dolby Atmos (if available in the stream) to the AVR for the surround speakers. Is there any way to do this? 


Most complicated Question: Given that i am depending on 8K upscaling no matter what i do, what difference will i actually see between say using the most current Apple TV versus AT&T TV Streaming box (which is a new service and is not ATT TV Now nor Uverse)? Idea is, what gives me the best quality stream to begin with, and how much of a difference is there between that and other also high bandwidth, low compression, streaming? And finally, how to wire a 7.1 AVR system and speakers to get the best possible movie experience? 


Lastly, if anyone from Samsung is monitoring this comment, and if the ARC on this particular TV is not eARC/HDMI 2.1/Dolby Atmos compatible, could you pls tell them that people buying $10,000 TVs from them will usually put a 7.1 surround system with it and would really appreciate the ability to go to the TV, then out to the AVR rather than have to go through the AVR first.