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Q900R 8k TV - 4k 120hz not supported on Xbox Series X


Hi, I own the 75" Q900R (Q900RA to some) and just bought the Xbox Series X and it is showing as not supporting 4k at 120hz. Why is this? I have updated latest software, have the updated OCB, game mode on and have UHD Colour on. All conversations with support state that 4k 120hz is supported by the TV and they have no solutions thus far - they are investigating the issue.

I really hope I have not been mis-sold by Samsung when they stated that HDMI2.1 would be supported with the upgraded new OCB. I would rather not have to complain or raise a mis-sell with Samsung as I really like them as a brand and love the TV overall but this TV was not an insignificant amount of money and I trusted Samsung when I bought the TV that they would sufficiently implement HDMI2.1.

Picture of Xbox Series X display compatibility on Q900RPicture of Xbox Series X display compatibility on Q900R


I have exactly the same issue on my  75Q900R. i bought this tv  one year and a half ago for the hdmi 2.1 support, if it doesn't work i would ask for a refund !!!!

Agreed. I have the Q900r & bought it because we were promised hdmi 2.1. The replacement OCB clearly doesn’t work as intended. I believe we’ve been misled by Samsung & I would like either, an OCB for my existing TV that does have hdmi 2.1 or if that’s not possible, a replacement TV that can do it.


if this is not fixed asap, we must organise a global protest to ask a global refund.

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I will go to trading standards if Samsung does not make my current OCB fully HDMI 2.1 compliant as advertised.


I think Samsung will release an update for its Q900R (QLED 2018) to correct the 120Hz problem in 4K as it did for the Q950R (QLED 2019) and Q950TS (QLED2020). If it's the same box there is no reason why it shouldn't, the new firmware is a few days old.

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Same issue for me. Maybe Samsung is able to give us a fix date ?


Everyone having the same problem - please report the issue via Samsung support (chat or phone), they will then escalate to their technical people.



I have the same problem with my 65q900ra, I have spoke to both Microsoft and Samsung. Samsung told me the Usa version of the q900 is the q900rb, this does have 4k@120hz. (As per spec in pic) however the uk version of this tv the q900ra will only do 4k@100hz as the panel has a motion rate of 200 unlike the usa q900rb which has a motion rate of 240. Apparently half the motion rate denotes the max htz refresh rate. 
To say I’m not happy is an understatement, bought this tv at a premium to try an factor in a bit of future proofing. Now before I have even seen any native 8k content, it’s outdated even in 4K res. I still hope a fw fix will address this.


I think these are nonsense because the 120hz is working well  in 1080 and 1440 on the Xbox. I think that for the moment the one connect box just does not comply with HDMI 2.1 standards.
I hope that samsung will communicate more honestly on the subject quickly

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