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Q80T Atmos on eARC

(Topic created on: 19-09-2020 02:19 PM)

Hey guys, I have the Q80T in 85" connected via eARC to the Samsung Q800T soundbar and an AppleTV 4k.


Firmware is 1016 for the Q800T soundbar and 1304 for the Samsung and AppleTV is on TVOS 14

Netflix flagged Dolby Atmos pushes the bar into scrolling the "Dolby Atmos" on the front of the soundbar however the Apple TV 4K (Plex and Tidal apps) and the native Plex app on my Samsung won't engage Atmos. any ideas?

The Apple TV is connected into HDMI4 The port with the highest bandwidth and uses a high speed cable, the Soundbard is on eARC with the supplied HDMI cable and is in the HDMI3 port for eARC on the Q80T. Ive tried plugging the AppleTV 4K into the soundbar directly and Using eARC to get the video to the panel but again, no Atmos shows... quite lost here... any help or suggestions would be great!