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Q7F Judders and white flashes




Getting more annoyed with our Q7F TV, we were hoping some firmware updates would improve things but that hasn't happened.


1) White flashes, every now again, sometimes a few minutes apart, sometimes hours apart, on a scene transition there is a brilliant white flash, i.e. the screen shows for a fraction of a second or perhaps a single frame, a complete white screen.  This happens from all sources and is random but usually always at an edit, going back and playing the same part again it doesn't happen, its as though the TV can't process quick enough over a cut.


2) Judders, typically on pans, at the start of the pan the picture will freeze for a couple of frames then jump and catch up, this is often repeatable but not always.


We've tried changing various motion settings and judder reduction settings which have done nothing to stop the problems.


Are these problems happening for everyone on these TVs?







That’s what they told me to do!
They told me there’s nothing more they can do for me. I’ve only have a TV six months and $1200 later and I’m screwed! Just like others that are on this thread, I will never purchase another Samsung product as long as I live. I’ve posted all my screenshots of my chats with customer service and the majority of friends and family are horrified that a customer is treated this way.
I’ve been having problems with my Samsung 55 inch 4K HDTV since I purchased it six months ago. Bright lightning -type flashes Like someone is taking a picture and is a flash from their camera. Service technicians came twice. Replaced the one connect box. Since the technicians didn’t witness the incident like someone is taking a picture and is a flash from their camera. Service technicians came twice. Replaced the one connect box. Since the technicians didn’t witness the incident. , They can claim there’s nothing wrong with the TV! $1200 for a piece of junk. The sales person for warned me about buying this and I should’ve listened to him. This will be the last Samsung Product I will ever purchase. Posted all screenshots of conversations with Samsung to social media. Got a tremendous amount of responses from others having the same issues!! Thousands of my 10,000 followers will not purchase Samsung products. Small victory for me in my opinion but I’m stuck with this piece of junk!
Unless the service technician can actually witness your problem, Samsung will not refund your money or offer you an exchange. This is a problem I’ve been going through for six months. You’re stuck with their junk! Terrible, terrible company to deal with. So sorry to see so many people with the same problem yet Samsung denies there’s anything wrong.

Do Samsung customers with 2017 qled 55inches TV still have this occasional white flash or other colors flashes? 

Absolutely! My TV was still under original warranty. Technicians came three times unable  to witness the event. After much complaining and posting all of my live chats online, Samsung, finally replaced my TV with a brand new model!

Thanks for the reply back  I had another technician come out he did not witness the flashes gave him a short video clip called me back a few hours later and said Samsung is aware of issue. And because my TV is out of Warranty Samsung would not replace. So I'm going wait till around August to see if anything is done with software update if not will buy new TV from Sony or LG. Been in contact with a Samsung engineer via email and also told me Samsung is aware of the issue overseas.

Any fix yet for the Flashes with 2017 qled?

They sent me a brand new updated model. I’ve never had a problem with the new TV. The old TV was definitely defective

Has anyone found a solution for the Flashes yet? And is it still happening? 

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