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q700t does it do vrr freesync and 4k120

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I would like to know if the q700t does 4k120 as it is ambiguous in the manual. 

I would also like to know if it does freesync  and vrr as people claim it doesn't do those either.

Plus the lag times for different modes would be great.

There is a video on YouTube  by "stop the FOMO" who has said it is only a 60hz panel and everybody is using this in their reviews. Samsung should really address this and put some clear answers up. As it is stopping people from buying it.


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I can't do it on PC , been trying different settings for the last 30 minutes. 


Struggled to get the PC recognised again and got a "device not connected" message.


Note to anyone struggling: You need game mode on - you need input signal plus on - you need to go into your video settings and 1 by 1 make sure you go to 8 bit colour, 8k resolution, 10bit colour - otherwise it won't work. 


what a mess

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Trying to get information on this is like drawing blood from a stone.

Either Samsung is happy for companies to give out false information for their sales or they are happy to keep their great features tl go under wraps.


It looks like it only goes up to 60hz if VRR is enabled which sucks. 


A lot of people need to realize that a new firmware update dropped yesterday. Which includes full HMDI 2.1 support and a lot of other bug fixes/picture quality improvements. 

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how will this add vrr and change from 60hz to 120hz?
this is what most releases from what hi-fi, trustedreviews , MSN etc said it had.
It is also being sold by most major retailers claiming has either vrr freesync or 4k120.
samsung advert on you tube says 8k tvs have this(real game ehancer plus)
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also seems to be no firmware update for q700t. Yet.
Funny how on uk site none of this is clarified just left out and they are happy for all major retailers and media to report higher spec including their own advertising.
I really hope this is not the case otherwise many people will be furious when next Generation console comes out
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Samsung please feel free to comment ....Many thanks
Thanks for the reply. If there is one for q700t please send a link. cheers

Exactly! You might as well get a top end non HDMI 2.1 TV if it can only go up to 60hz when VRR is enabled and at 4k.

Doesn’t change the fact that the manual says VRR is only supported at 1440p for 120HZ. It cannot do it at 4K120. 

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