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Q6DT TV random alert/notification sounds

(Topic created on: 09-06-2020 05:00 AM)
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I have a Q6DT 55 inch television and I keep getting random alert/notification sounds. It's driving me insane!  I have tried calling Samsung twice,  the notification alerts and the sounds in expert settings have both been turned off. On my last call, the Samsung tech remoted into my tv and tried to help, the final answer was that the sound is a normal part of the tv. This can't be right, the tv makes the sound when I turn it on and also at random times when watching a show. Any help would be appreciated.


Update to my own post...

It's associated to Alexa. I just learned this!!! I didn't associate the two because my family were the one using Alexa, while I wasn't. Then after I bought an Alexa device (Alexa Show) and downloaded the Alexa app  I noticed after a day or two after my TV started making notification sounds again. Well one afternoon my Alexa Show and my TV made the same exact noise seconds apart - when there was notification of an Amazon delivery - for another person in the family!