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Q60R Volume stuck

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Hello, I bought the aforementioned TV 5 months ago, and today I tried to lower the volume but it was stuck on 22.


When I push down the volume button on my controler it displays it on the screen but it's just stuck on 22 over and over, and when I go up it skips to 24 and it's stuck there. 


I tried the reinstalling batteries method, tried unplugging the tv completely, tried reseting the tv, pushing the physical buttons on the TV,  but it does the same as with the controler, and went through the audio troubleshooting process.


And when I mute the TV , I can't  unmute it, unless I hold the mute button and the voice setting pop up, then I have sound again. 


Any help is much appreciated!




@Sorcean: Can you confirm if you have the TV connected to a soundbar or home theatre system? If so, please let me know the model number, and I will look into this for you. In the meantime, please try heading to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Auto Volume, and disable this feature if it's active. 


It's  not connected to anything except the WiFi, and I just turned off the option but it's the same. 


I have a feeling the TV acts strangely, for example, when I went to restart the TV to factory settings, it went through the process but after it remained all the same settings as before.


And the remote was blinking (the small red dot at the top) for maybe a minute or so and it went away. Happened two times today, and I changed the batteries.

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