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Purple patches on TV


 Hello.  I have a 48 LED Smart TV.  Model No is UE48H6400AKXXU


About 6 months I noticed that there were a couple of purple patches on the screen.  They are very noticeable with pale or white backgrounds especially adverts which often have a lot of white on the screen.


Initially there was a patch that radiated from the bottom left corner about 12cm outward and then about 4/5ths across the screen on the right there was another patch from the top about the same 12cm width but went down about 2 thirds of the screen so about 40cm long.


Over the past 6 months they have become more noticeable.  a darker shade of purple plus of course I am aware of them so notice them more.


When a normal picture is on screen they distort the colour quite a lot.  Worse on lighter colours than darker ones.  The rest of the screen is fine but of course it is annoying to have these colour distortions on the screen.


Other than these problems the rest of the TV functions fine.


I would guess I have had the TV about 2 years now or just over.


Can you tell me if there is anything I can do or is the TV on the way out?  What is the expected lifetime of these TV sets?  and will it be costly to repair?  Not sure if there is any warranty over the year on these TVs.

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Read the thread. Did the test. Although its propably there, really cant see it. All three images. Oh well nothing I can do about it. Out of warranty. Save up for a different TV. Probably Vizio. Screw Samsung. Never again

Actually, there is a good reason to buy Samsung, at least some select sets.  In these, Samsung offers a 5-year warrantee for free.  If there is a problem, it would likely appear in these five years, I am sure. 


No manufacturer is free of problems.  By the way, purple spots have been known to appear in LG LED sets as well.  It is not exclusive to Samsung.  Other problems occur.  For example, a Visio TV that I owned just died (dead as a dodo) one day after 4 years!!!


Thus, especially with lots of new technology, these extented 5-year warrantees are probably a must.

Just disappointed that after 2 years its doing this. I will look into it. 5 Years would be great. I have repaired many sets in the last few years .I have a samsung 60"that I replaced the main board in it and it's still going strong after two years. Do they offer these warranties in the USA?
Some LG sets have the same LEDs as some Samsung sets.
I should have added that my set was fixed under a John Lewis extended 5 year warranty. It was 4 years old. It is now 5 years old and doing well!
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I also have the Purple Patch issue with my 5 year old Samsung UE50H6400, purchased from John Lewis Ltd. So I am outside of their 5 year warranty, but still within the 6 year claim period of Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. I called John Lewis to discuss my intention of pursuing a claim on this basis and they came back to me with the suggestion that if I paid the £105.00 call out charge for a Samsung engineer to confirm that my TV was “either inherently faulty or unrepairable”, then John Lewis would be able to settle my claim to the sum of £22.20. CHECKMATE!


Yep, same here

purple patch on my screen after 3 years 

i know probably nothing to do about it but i just thought people should know when they deside to buy a Samsung TV.


Has there been any update on this?

No, nothing has happened or is about to happen.  Considering that Samsung is abandoning the QLED technology (which was the main culprit), there would not be any effort to inform or compensate consumers.  Thus, if your purple patches are to intense and too large, then you would need to buy another TV; if they are tolerable, continuing using what you have until there is time to buy something new.

If only we had the same consumer rights and protections in the US as there is in the UK. I have been a Samsung fanboy for over a decade now. Every phone, TV and appliance had to be Samsung.... I have two 55" Smart LED 4K TVs UN55MU6290, both with retailer protection plans that they are refusing to honor, and both with Samsung refusing to stand by their product. The one developed the purple patch a year in, the second one started doing it about six months ago and I purchased them in 2018 (again both have protection plans that are not being honored as they say this is a known Samsung issue, please contact the manufacturer.)

The product is obviously defective and this should be something that Samsung immediately should have addressed. They are one of the largest tech companies on this planet and even to a degree where they are one of a few private corporations that employs it's own paramilitary unit. To be this ubiquitous and for to stride the tech world like a colossus and still make the conscious decision to wash their hands of the community that supports their continuity and that of their current status is just shameful.

I will certainly be re-evaluating my status as a Samsung "fanboy" and if there is a class action lawsuit taken against Samsung I would appreciate if someone could inform me. I will be doing my own research and may even contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the US and consult legal consul on my own.

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