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Purple patches on TV


 Hello.  I have a 48 LED Smart TV.  Model No is UE48H6400AKXXU


About 6 months I noticed that there were a couple of purple patches on the screen.  They are very noticeable with pale or white backgrounds especially adverts which often have a lot of white on the screen.


Initially there was a patch that radiated from the bottom left corner about 12cm outward and then about 4/5ths across the screen on the right there was another patch from the top about the same 12cm width but went down about 2 thirds of the screen so about 40cm long.


Over the past 6 months they have become more noticeable.  a darker shade of purple plus of course I am aware of them so notice them more.


When a normal picture is on screen they distort the colour quite a lot.  Worse on lighter colours than darker ones.  The rest of the screen is fine but of course it is annoying to have these colour distortions on the screen.


Other than these problems the rest of the TV functions fine.


I would guess I have had the TV about 2 years now or just over.


Can you tell me if there is anything I can do or is the TV on the way out?  What is the expected lifetime of these TV sets?  and will it be costly to repair?  Not sure if there is any warranty over the year on these TVs.

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Just do not hold your breath!!!  Samsung is not going to do this.  They really do not care about losing a few customers here and there.


Join the queue!!!  The only thing that you can do is become a nuisance for Samsung but this is nto going to get you much either!!


I am in the USA as well (and there are others here).  The problem is not just limited to the UK. Personally, I think that the failure rate is very high.  My guess is that some panels are affected more than others.  In certain panels, the purple spots may be too small and too dispersed, in others they may be more concentrated in a single area and so on..  In any case, this is definitely some manufacturing glitch that Samsung is eager to conceal.  Very eager, indeed.   I am not if anybody has filed a class action suit against the company.  If you have heard of any, I would like to know.  Post the information in this forum.


I know its not much consolation for those folks whose warranties have run out, but as short lived as modern electronics seem to be now a days, I believe it pays to buy an extended warranty.  Square Trade Warranty had a 4 year for about $140 and when my 60" set developed the color splotches after the manufacturers warranty, Square Trade stepped up to the plate with no problems at all. They asked a few questions, asked me to send a picture of the screen, and they promptly replaced the unit with a brand new LG 60" comporable set; even let me keep the old Samsung. No headaches at all! Granted Samsung should make good on this failure but I wouldn't hold my breath; protect yourself and spring for the warranty. Much cheaper than the big box Geek Squad guys. Good Luck


My television is a Samsung 2015 smart tv with 32 inches and I was the one who started this thread. Luckily I had paid the 45 euros for the extension of warranty and the problem was solved. The only advice I can give you and I have already written here is to lower the power of the backlight on your television menu. These devices are extremely fragile and can not handle the maximum power for a long time (the value is "20" on my tv). At this point, and after having replaced it, the value is "10" and is perfectly acceptable. Anyway, it's unfortunate that this happens with an expensive device that should last much longer! My cheap and unbranded television continues to have excellent quality while this Samsung does not offer me any confidence. People who have participated in this "thread" could make videos that show the panel and could put them on YouTube, perhaps with a link to this thread.


Yes, extended warranties are great and yes, I usually always get them and not sure what happened here - So is it my fault for not getting the warranty? Well sure, but honestly, a TV of this size (65") and cost should not fail until after 6 years minimum. EVERY LED/LCD tv I've had has lasted at LEAST that long.


This Purple Splotch issue is very suspect as it seems to coincide with two triggers that put this into the sabotage by Samsung category:


1 - Seems many have had this happen shortly after updating to the latest firmware

2 - All of these incidents seem to have happened shortly after 'normal' warranties expire


In the end, I'm going with a different manufacturer for my next TV and never Samsung again. This reeks too much of mens rea on Samsung's part.



Conspiracy theorist much? No - I wait for statistics and facts to build up and see the patterns and this one is pretty obvious. Reminds me of the Leapfrog kids cartridge gaming units that all killed themselves after their update that got pushed a month after warranties expired.


Surprise, surprise!!! I fully agree...although I am not sure that the issue is related to a faulty firmware update.  If that was so, I think that Samsung would have fixed this already.  Unless, of course, the firmware update results in a permanent damage to the panel.  Not that Samsung  would ever let us know, wouldn't it?


Yes, I have already decided to go with the P series TVs by Vizio.  They are really good and the company is far more responsive than Samsung.


Overall, Samsung does not really care that much.  The costs of the problem in lost customers is probably much, much lower than recalling hundreds of thousands of panels.  Thus,  I would not expect any admission and any corrective action


Hi Everyone,


Here we are August 2018 and we are having the same problem with two of our Samsung TV's appearing at our two-year mark. it makes me think along with our Samsung washer that with electronics and the technology of the day the ongoing "updates" are updating our equipment to die.  Like you, our 30-year-old Kenmore washer in our garage and a 45-year-old RVC TV are still working! The American people are being short-changed.  And since we have not seen a post or update to address this problem since your post I guess Samsung has yet to fix the problem. 




Yea - bummer - it's really looking like the firmware upgrade has malicious code in it. Would love someone on the inside to expose this. If it was 1 or 2 people, meh, maybe it would be a coincidence. But it's looking like a rash of people and it keeps growing. Since this is a very easy bit of code to write and it's been proven before that other companies do this, that's my hard guess. 


Funny that this is a site and yet, not a peep.


So you think Samsung update made the Purple Patch / Purple HAZE spots appear on everybody 4k TV Screen. Well hope Samsung give us a new update that will remove this annoying discoloration purple spot on my Screen. This really sucks.  I might have to make a Youtube Video on Samsung 4ktv and talk about these Purple Patch Screen issues. 

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