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Ps4 pro no 4K HDR on Samsung Nu8500?

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It's a brand new Samsung Nu8500. 


4K only works with no hdr, when I enable UHD color option the screen goes black (no signal)


Hdr only works on 1080p when I enable UHD color. 


Here's what I tried:


1- disable hdcp  (ps4 safe mode) 

2- turn on hdcp only on 1.4 (ps4 safe mode) 

3- turn on hdcp on automatic (ps4 safe mode) 

4- turned on safe mode on ps4 pro and force 2160p yuv 420 resolution with hdcp on 1.4

5- turned on safe mode and force 2160p yuv 420 with hdcp on automatic 

6- game mode on

7- game mode off

8- enabled UHD color on hdmi 1 to 4

9-tried a Belkin 2.1 hdmi cable (48gb)

10- tried on hdmi 1 to 4


I have no idea what else I could do.

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