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problems with UE49RU7302KXXH

(Topic created on: 12-04-2020 02:16 PM)
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got smart view on my  laptop and it doesnt see the tv UE49RU7302KXXH


both are on the same network through my router's 2.4G ( it also supports 5G but I put them on 2.4 both cuz the tv doesnt know 5G)


tv is already updated and my internet is fine


ironically the tv does work to my laptop if I use the windowskey+P project screen function but I want to try smartview too


connect android samsung phone to tv also worked with the app that makes it like a remote control


I did try to remove the laptop device from the tv settings and try smartview again but same problem


maybe its a firewall thing?


another problem I cant remove channels. In Edit Channels my only options are Lock, Rename and Exit.


and I dont see how to show clock time on screen. Its done right in settings but how to see on screen? older samsungs show time when  u swap channel


is it safe to use hdmi between laptop and tv? on other older pcs I used hdmi from desktop pc to tv and it only worked once then never again apparently the pc high power may have fried the hdmi interface Im worried not to happen again tho now I try via laptop


and how can I wirelessly connect desktop pc to tv? need some sort of  adaptor? can I use remote viewer like teamviewer from laptop to PC and  then use the project screen from laptop to tv? to get the desktop to run a 4k movie then use the laptop to share screen to tv


any color calibration recommendations for this  model?


in picture settings in expert settings where is the HDR option?


Samsung cares??