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Problems with 4K HDR picture

(Topic created on: 31-08-2021 05:31 PM)
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Hi. I would like to get little help, if its possible.

I have new Samsung QE58Q60TAUXXC, I assume bold model number matters.

I have problems to get decent 4K HDR picture quality from discs. I have really good 4K player. Problem is that colors are washed and difference between 4K and regular blu-ray is minimal and often there is no difference at all.

I would like to know, what this tv supports? My choices are to push 4K movies from player with 4K(50/60p) 4:4:4 8bit & 4K(50/60p) 4:4:2 12bit. 


4K (50/60p) 4:2:0.

What should I choose? I managed to found that info from e-manual. There was info, but I am not sure where my model belongs. It is bit unclear. Also you can choose RGB(enchanted) or YCbCr.

Another question consider color gamut. When I open color space settings. You can choose between auto, natural and custom. If you choose Custom, color gamut appears ONLY during 4K HDR content.  In color camut you can choose between DCI-P3 (default) and BT.2020. If you change gamut and turn again auto on, it remains what you choosed. So auto is not working? You need manually choose DCI-P3 or BT.2020. BT.2020 is bit like natural color space. Colors are deeper. Should I choose manually always BT.2020 for HDR content and then turn color space back to auto?

Third question consider HDMI black setup. In TV picture its always small and from blu-ray its auto. BUT its always grey, I cant change it at all. All help and opinions are more than welcome!

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regarding the DCI-P3 and BT.2020 choice with auto not working i contacted the samsung technical help about this and i was told im wrong and that everything is working as it should be so good luck getting help on it as this has driven me mad for years.