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Problems Play Videos Via USB Ports Samsung UE75 MU6100

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I have exported several versions of a 15 minute video, I  made for an Ice Cream business, via Premiere Pro and all have problems playing on a Samsung UE75 MU6100 75 inch TV, via a USB stick.


It usually plays well for up to about 5 showing, and then either won't play at all (it starts but don't move forward) or play in a stuttering, jerky fashion). If I clear and re-format the USB stick, and copy over a new version, it will play OK, usually for a while.


I used the 1080p export setting presets, one with a bitrate of 180, and another with a bitrate of 320. I even used a version of the video converted to play on samsung TV's, using Wondershare software. Again, it worked for 2 or 3 showing and then plays on in fits and starts.


My guess is that it may be the the USB stick and/or how it is playing in the TV. I have ordered a Sandisk 64GB USB3 150MB/s ultra fit stick, to see if that helps.


Any thoughts and suggestions would be very welcome.



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