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Problems changing audio language on MKV file Samsung SMART TV.



How to change audio language on a movie from USB stick? For one movie it started to play audio track in languague i don't speak and it's very frustrating.

Same with subtitles. I know you can remove audio track in your PC but there must be a way to select audio track without removing others

TV model - Samsung UE43RU7172


I did use LG before and then decided to switch to Samsung last 4-5 years as I like brand when I used its mobile phone. My washing machine, etc are Samsung.


Just bought 2 addtional TV this year and they're more expensive than some other brands. One is 65" RU8000 and one is 55" RU7100 and both of them have the same issue i.e. cannot change audio track. 


It's very frustrate this simple problem but no one from Samsung seems to give a good answer. You may think it's not a big problem but it's actually my deciding factor. If I need to solve this issue for your TV, I'll need to re-code all mkv myself or invest in expensive NAS for Plex server which both of them are very not convenience and make me think why I have to waste my time due to your problem.


I will have to turn away from Samsung from now and it will be many years to prove other brands is worse before I can switch back.




100% agree. Samsung give very little updates and improvements with TVs compared to LG. 

The range of Apps available is very poor also. At least if VLC was available we could use that to play from USB and like you it's also a deciding factor for me also. So won't be touching another Samsung. And the fact you get adverts on the display is terrible. 

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I'd also like to share my frustration about the feature of changing audio track for MKV files. Recently I've bought a Q60R and faced the same issue. After clicking the "Cog" button, "Audio Track" is just not there.
However, there were a few times when it was actually possible to change the audio track, but I've just tried it again with the same files - and it's gone. It definitely seems like an OS problem on the SAMSUNG side.
I think it is safe to say that many SAMSUNG customers would highly appreciate if this issue was fixed as soon as possible. I'd also appreciate if a SAMSUNG representative could communicate that our complaints are heard and that there is a strategy to fix it in the soonest software update.
I'm looking forward to seeing this problem solved. Thank you.

They won’t fix it. And don’t expect any improvements via updates. Over the last 10 years I’ve had 2 flagship models and they got very little to no updates after 6 months of being released I think. I’ve just replaced a smaller bedroom tv for another LG and it is much better all round tv. Granted not the top spec like my Samsung but it highlights a huge chunk of wasted money

Sad truth I guess and so need to suck it. I really shouldn't hv fallen into their marketing and moved from LG to Samsung. Bye SS.

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SOLUTION - go into the "cog" menu while movie is playing, not paused.

Option to change launguage will be there.


Im guessin "it's a feature not a bug" :winking-face:


ure welcome

That’s not a solution at all and only on certain files. Say for instance a dts soundtrack is default the TV won’t play the audio and no way of changing to normal Dolby sound track without stripping it from the file or changing default track.

Issue is only on Samsung and a terrible issue that needs fixed

Unfortunately still not working for me.

Just to note, in my mkv files, around 10-20%, I could change audio. The rest 80-90% I couldn't. Probably you got a better source of mkv.


Still a bug for me.


Hey all,


I finally figured it. Steps to change audio track:

1. Make sure your MKV file has audio from supported audio codecs ( DTS is not supported even on 2019-2020 models.
2. Indeed only attempt to change Audio Track when the file is playing, not on pause.

Let me know if this works for you guys. Cheers!

P.S. Ridiculous that not a single Samsung Support employee suggested that DTS might be the problem.

Didn’t work for me. Won’t let me change from non supported to supported format. As I’ve said no issues on LG it Sony
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