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Problem with Samsung tv Series 6

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I have a problem with Samsung TV Series 6. I read "Weak or No signal". What I can do please? Thank you. 



@Zamc wrote:

I'm having kinda the same problem, it says no connecting to the internet but it shows connected. My other TVs are fine and working perfectly with Internet. I disconnected the nertwork and connected again. Still not loading Netflix or Hulu... 

I used to have this issue.

There are two fixes.

1) Power off at wall for 30 seconds and power back on. It clears the cache.

2) if that doesn't work. Load Netflix, open Netflix settings and tell it to actually exit Netflix (otherwise it's a TSR so it's broken state is retained) 


If neither make a difference, it's likely your wifi signal, its just not strong enough. Try hardwiring through a powerline adapter if you have no options to improve the wifi signal.


My ultimate fix was the signal, but every now and then I had to do options 1 or 2.  I have since put the tv on a voice controlled wall power socket, so its effectively powered off every night at the wall now, haven't had any issue for months.

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