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Problem 1 - reddish Brown Spots across bottom of screen AND Problem 2 -- left side of screen now dark

(Topic created on: 17-03-2021 09:59 PM)
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I purchased a Samsung 40" UHD TV (un40NU7100fxza) 2160p 7 series brand new ($479) in November of 2018. PROBLEM 1 - - Around August of 2020, I started noticing reddish brown blotches at the bottom of the screen. On December 8th, 2020, I messaged with Samsung representative Mr. "Srinivas" (chat ID: chat id: e6842cc2-9807-41e2-8f5d-9c3989f31349) who walked me through performing a picture test, software update and factory reset. The problem was not resolved and since then the blotches have spread and gotten bigger. PROBLEM 2 - - As of March of 2021, the left side of the screen is now dark. See pictures attached of Problems 1 and 2.

Samsung 7100NU Problem 1.jpgSamsung 7100NU Problem 2.jpg

I did not purchase the extended warranty. Even still, I’m extraordinarily disappointed this brand of TV has already begun to fail within such a short amount of time (approximately 2 years). Moreover, the idea of having to pay for repair services is equally upsetting. I’m somewhat tech savvy and may wish to attempt the repairs myself, depending on the cost of the parts. Can anyone give me a general idea of which internal components (boards, etc.) can be replaced to possibly remedy the two problems I’ve identified above? Any resource links or other information would be greatly appreciated. I understand that I would be solely accountable for any damages/expenses incurred as a result of such repair attempts.  Please help.

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this model looks like from the USA

for expert advise, please contact Samsung USA Team 

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