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Pre-Sale Connectivity Question

(Topic created on: 07-02-2023 11:38 AM)
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I have a couple of pre-sale questions. I currently have an old Sony KDL-46W905ATV with a SkyQ box connected to the TV HDMI input and a Sonus sound bar connected to the TV HDMI ARC input. With the Sky remote I can turn on the SkyQ box and the TV and sound bar come on automatically, with the SkyQ box input selected on the TV (I think I had to programme the Sky remote to recognise the TV).

I would like to purchase the 55” Frame TV (QE55LS03BAUXXU) and the HW-S801B/XU soundbar for cosmetic reasons (long thin wire to TV media box located away from TV), and I would like the system to operate in the same way, ie I turn the SkyQ box on and the TV and sound bar come on automatically (from TV art mode or actually TV power off). Can this be done using the wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) connectivity between the TV and sound bar, or would the sound bar need to be connected to the TV media box HDMI ARC input for it to work? The SkyQ box would be connected to a standard HDMI TV input on the media box.

Ideally, using wireless between the TV and sound bar would eliminate another long HDMI cable between the sound bar and TV media box. In the wireless solution only two long wires to the TV media box would be required, the TV mini cable and Sound bar power. However, I don’t want to have to turn on the sound bar separately. Is such a setup possible?