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Potential screen issue Js8500


I have a Ue55Js8500 curved, and in its history have had a few repairs. The final repair I still wasn't happy with and had insurance payout for it. 


The issueir has is an oitlout box around the screen about 2-3 inch in from the edge. It shows up in various sources and deferring colours.


I've had a look online and some people have said it's the Lcd panel (would be unfortunate as it's had 4 in the repair process) some have said it's the blocking material behind the glass ( I'm a little be scared of tearinf down but if need be) and it could be the tcon board firing up the lights wrong. 


During the last couple of days before I post this the set also has been blank screening when first turns on (sound and menu still works but the screen goes blank of what ever picture is on) so maybe in my thoughts a main / av board is to blame ?


I have replicated the issue whilst loading the youtubeapp up and can be seen hopefully in the attached pictures.


Or could the issue be the famous led/colour banding ?






I have slightly eased the effect by taking back off and remoinre the metal bezel around the front and adding some tape to the edges and joins of the panel (there was signs of this already being done - maybe the repair place tried that?)


So what I'm thinking it may be the light channel guides need some modification / blocking material has slipped (another thing I've read) 


Anyone here ever done this on a screen or know anywhere more then a YouTube or Google endless forums that may of attempted  this ?

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