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poor 4k quality on ue43au7100kxxu

(Topic created on: 08-02-2022 02:27 PM)
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Can anyone help? I purchased the samsung ue43au7100kxxu 4k uhd hdr smart tv back in november im having major problems streaming 4k my normal tv channels are perfect and if i stream a full hd movie on netflix, amazon, nowtv etc the picture is brilliant but if i select a 4k uhd movie the picture is very grainy and pixilated. After long discussions with samsung they have assured me the problem isnt my tv and keep refering me back to my internet provider this is whats confusing me and just cant get my head around i have talktalks fibre 65 independant speed tests both on laptop and my tv consistently show an average 64mbps more than enough for 4k streaming likewise i have the premium plan with netflix etc and my tv is connected via ethernet  yet samsung insist its my isp thats the problem? can anyone help?