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Please Please HELP!! UE55JU7500 Endless Reboot Issues / One Connect Mini not working

(Topic created on: 11-04-2021 07:40 PM)
First Poster

I recently moved homes and when I set up the TV I discovered I could not get any picture. Several attempts of checking my cables, changing cables (HDMI, ethernet) did not produce a single picture. I then isolated the One Connect Mini box and that's when the TV gave me something! 

My joy was short lived when I got two messages saying "One Connect Mini has been disconnected. The TV will restart in .. seconds", the other message was  "Updating TV software... Don't turn off the TV or disconnect the power cable until the update finishes..."

I reset the WiFi password, set the TV back to factory settings using the remote (Info/MENU/Mute/Power). All my apps came back after the reset, but the same messages stayed on. 

One thing I should add is in the process of changing WiFi password, factory settings, the two messages did not stop showing up and the TV was continually restarting... meaning I had to complete the commands at breakneck speed in order to achieve what I was attempting.

Now that I have reset it all, the TV is still resetting at approximately 2minute intervals. I cannot go beyond this.

Is there anyone that can provide me with a solution of some kind?  I am lost now as I have no clue what to do next. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Franz Schubert
First Poster

Many thanks, but my TV does not have a separate One Connect Mini box so I can't remove it.