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I am planning to buy a 40" TV, possibly the UE40MU6120, and have a few questions:


1)  I am disappointed that Samsung only do Smart TV's.  Is it possible to switch all the smart stuff off and just have a normal TV along with Freeview?


2)  Does this TV have a twin tuner? Many other 40" TV's don't. This prevents you from watching one channel and recording another (or several via my Virgin Tivo Box).


3) I plan to get a Samsung sound bar, probably the HW-K335. However after reading the specification I find it will not fit under the TV. If it is placed on the unit several centimetres of sound bar will block the bottom of the TV screen. Is it possible to adjust the height of the TV stand to compensate for this?


4)  Where is the remote sensor on the TV? If my sound bard blocks the bottom of the TV it may make using the remote controls quite difficult.





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