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Just a tht but is there a thread where people put their picture settings ?? Just tht it would be interesting to see how people like their TV set up and might give other people ideas on how to make theirs better . Things like contrast , brightness , colour etc ........



Turn off the Film Mode and the Auto Motion plus. Your judders should completely disappear. 


( copied my post from other thread )



Q9 55” 2018 model 


Local dimming on low -this stops dark appearing
Some eco mode on -this stops eyes burning out due to bright whites

Best settings I’ve found yet & can now see detail in darker areas without annoying dark shadows appearing




realised using settings that dim screen to much causes  a  whole host of problems start mainly local dimming related even with dimming set to LOW

turn off all eco options except ambiant light detection to around minimum 30 just to account for low light rooms 


scteen still will seem to bright if like me your use to non Qled , I’m getting a brill picture now without annoyance , 

still getting use to sometimes bright whites but I guess this is a part of the realism


After viewing the TV for a while I am still happy with the standard setting.

Minor adjustments:
Eco (min backlight 40). Night time TV backlight is too bright otherwise.

Bumped up the sharpness to 26. Make the images a little crisper.

All sources come in via HDMI ports. Audio now goes out via ARC to take advantage of higher bandwidth DD5.1 and Netflix HQ audio. Sounds better than optical.

Aquaman on built in Apple TV app was stunning!




hi there

My new 65q90r arrived today. I am having trouble with picture settings esp when i play my PC through the TV. Crucual options such as Colour, tint, contrast enhancer etc are greyed out. I have my pc plugged into hdmi port 4 and have a very powerful PC. My PC is a media hub, unfortunately i cannot calibrate my tv(as i could on my sony) to suit due to greyed out options. This seriously inhibits picture quality.

I want to calibrate my TV when Pc is selected. could someone please assist. I have heard it possible to toggle hdmi auto detect off thus enabling all menu options but i havent managed to do this.

Many thanks

I request members to mention their settings like for eg backlight 30/50 color 25/50
Where 50 is the max limit given.
Why this? Every tv have their own limits lik 50 or 100
If u mention backlight as 30 others can't understand whether its 30/100 or 30/50.
So kindly mention max limit also.
Thank you

The only way to stop the appalling judder on Samsung TVs is to put the TV in game mode , I've still got a fantastic picture on sky HD and Freeview HD and no judder at all !! I'm so shocked that Samsung haven't fixed the judder issue , been going on for years and RUINS a great TV !!


Q90R - I discovered that Game Mode is better than Movie Mode for highest visual fidelity in HDR.
-Uses higher resolution than other modes
-Doesn't clip highlights
-Keeps Local Dimming active for dark black levels

-Narrower viewing angle
-Small bright objects in mostly black scenes can get dimmed a lot
-Slight/medium blooming depeding on what you're watching

I think the downsides are negligible/not particularly noticeable and a fair price to pay for full highlight detail and proper dark blacks.
I assume this is also valid for the Q70 and Q80

My settings for HDR:
Game Mode: ON, all extras turned off
Brightness: 0/5 or 1/5 (or use Dynamic Black Equaliser in the Game mode settings. Not quite sure of how they differ)
Contrast: 30/50
Sharpness: 0/20
Colour: 25/50
Local Dimming: High
Contrast Enhancer: Low
Colour Tone: Warm2
Gamma: ST.2084, slider at -3
Colour Space Settings: Auto (DCI-P3)

Why Game Mode:
1) the wide viewing angle tech (as described in this review) slightly reduces horizontal resolution to achieve better viewing angles. Game Mode disables this.
2) Game mode also apparently disables the dynamic part of Dynamic Tone Mapping, preserving every detail in the highlights, while still activating Local Dimming in all scenes. The only other way to do this is using Movie Mode with local dimming set to low. I don't like this as it sets a very high threshold for the dimming, so that the zones only go black when there's an entirely black frame. The slight blooming is a lot less noticeable than active leds in black areas.


I'll never buy another Samsung TV after my terrible experience withy this TV 

My Sony which is every bit as good PQ wise, is better for pc gaming at 4k has menus and customisation that's light years ahead of Samsung.

I'd forgotten about the peculiar Samsung menu limitations with inexplicably greyed out settings 

There are no limits to Sony picture customisation settings no limits by greying out options in the calibration menus 

For bluray I can have as many picture profiles as I want on the same blu ray player 

Pc 4k gaming is a top priority for me and the Samsung is a complete nightmare. It's totally impossible to get the level of customisation I can on my Sony. The Sony is super smooth in pc 4k gaming. The Samsung is a joke. PQ is worse because I can't calibrate the set as required.

There's absolutely no reason for the Samsung to be quirky. Its the way they are 

Yes this samsung goes much brighter with hdr than my Sony. But brightness isn't everything. Far from it. The Samsung may be brighter but its also much less natural. Look on YouTube at the reviews of this Samsung. Experience calibrators state the Samsungs hdr isn't natural. 

I have absolutely no idea how the Samsung gets the high magazine reviews it does. I can only assume that the reviewers don't thoroughly test the TV.

Im not saying its a bad TV. It's just that the high magazine reviews are so wide of the mark. 

I believed them 

You live and learn 

I'll never trust magazine reviews on their own 

And I'll never buy another Samsung until they unlock all their menus and I can do whatever I want with them. 

I've had many top of the range Samsungs over the years and until quality levels dropped significantly I was happy with them. 

Things such as 4k didn't exist and I wasn't looking for in depth calibration

If you want a TV that is for 4k pc gaming, that you want to calibrate and create as many profiles you want without any silly limitations.

Then do not buy this TV.

Do not believe the facile 5 star reviews in the magazines 


thanx :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:
it works much more better

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