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Just a tht but is there a thread where people put their picture settings ?? Just tht it would be interesting to see how people like their TV set up and might give other people ideas on how to make theirs better . Things like contrast , brightness , colour etc ........

Digital Clean View...Off or On?

I reccommend off but our eyes are all different 

Lol...that they are...


Think auto processing generally best kept to minimum and Digital Clean View better off, possibly might benefit lower quality content , i.e standard Definition on ocassions.


I'm in the UK, I have a 55" Q9F. My set up is:

Nothing connected to the one connect box except HDMI 4 which goes to my Dennon X3500 amp.

Plugged into the amp I have a 4k BT vision box, a Now TV stick, a 4k Amazon Fire Stick and an Xbox One S as a 4k bluray/games. I run Netflix and all catch up channels through the xbox because it does Dolby Atmos for everything, either simulated or Native. I control all my devices using a Harmony Elite.


For the TV picture settings, the following is most satisfactory for me for all sources through the amp at any time of day including games, sports, action scenes etc:

Backlight 30

Brightness 0

Contrast 50

Sharpness 5

Colour 25

Tint 0

Digital clean auto

Auto motion plus off

Local dimming high

Contrast enhancer low

HDR+ mode ON (turn it on first then adjust everthing)

Colour tone warm2

Gamma ST.2048 (its designed for HDR modes)

ST.2048 = 0

Rgb only mode off

Colour space Native

ECO solution, everything off except auto power mode (turn this off if you plug a hard drive in for recording)


Setup time from opening the box to attaching it to the wall and being happy, 60 minutes (I've had a lot of Samsung TVs over the years and my wall bracket was already in place)


Hope this helps!


One other note, the scale used for the settings varies between models of TV.

Examples on my tv:

Backlight max is 50

Brightness min is -5 max is +5

Contrast max is 50

Sharpness max is 20

Colour max is 50

Tint min is g15 max is r15


So to translate between different sets I work on percentages instead of absolute numbers and judge how it looks from there. Everyone's different so there is no right answer, but these are what work for my mid 40's eyes!


Duplicate post...ignore this one




Default settings:
HDR off. (HDR sources will activate)
Eco off.

All ports.


I've just bought a 55" Q6F. I have had a few problems getting to settings that seem natural to me and also minimise odd stutters which I still get occasionally even with these settings. By stutter I mean a couple of seconds when the motion seems to judder a bit, as if the frame rate changed, often a minute or two into watching a channel .


Settings are:

Movie Mode (important starting point)
Backlight 45
Brightness 0
Contrast 50
Sharpness 10
Colour 25
Tint 0
Digital clean off
Auto motion Custom Blur 4 Judder 2  LED Clear Motion Off
Local dimming standard
Contrast enhancer Off (default for Movie Mode)
HDR+ mode Off (default for Movie Mode)

Film Mode  Auto 2 (default for Movie Mode)
Colour tone warm2
Colour space Auto  (default for Movie Mode)
ECO solution, everything off except auto power mode 

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