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PC Gaming via Wireless Screen Sharing - Lag makes games unplayable

(Topic created on: 14-09-2022 05:08 PM)
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Hi all

I really need some answers on this, I've been searching up and down and at the point where I may potentially return my TV - as it doesn't appear to do what I wanted as per when it was sold to me by a rep.

How do I wirelessly share my PC display for gaming on my Samsung TV without appalling lag?

For context, when I was sold this TV I was very clear I was a PC gamer exclusively, I wanted a TV that could stream my PC display wireless, as my PC is in another room at the other side of the apartment. I was assured that this would be possible, in particular the rep really pushed the Gaming Hub. Now I know that most TV's and entertainment systems are built much more for consoles than PCs so I was really driving it home that I do not own any consoles, I game only on my PC.

[No, I won't just get a console. Simply because my PC does everything I need, I can replace the parts, install more memory, most of the games I play work best with a keyboard/mouse. I've just never had any need to buy a console in the last 7 years).]

Today, I went to set up and test out this link. Initially, I read that Steam Link is available from the app selection, perfect! Except...not in the UK it seems. Every search I did told me to change my region to US, but I don't see why, after paying £1.5k for a TV, I should have to do this and then not have access to UK specific apps such as BBC iPlayer. Next step was to try wireless screen sharing, appeared to work fine at first but the lag meant any game was unplayable. I tried to then turn on Game Mode but it appears this isn't available when going by a PC source! So I'm here with a TV that, as far as I can tell, isn't fit for the purpose it was bought for.

So key questions:

- What can I do in the current circumstances to resolve this, if anything?

- When will Game Mode be implemented to the PC source and screen sharing option?

- When will the Steam Link app be available for download in the UK for Samsung devices?


What's the model number for your t.v ? And what's your wireless card on your p.c ? And what kind of router have you got ? Need to know all this before offering a solution!